What If We Were Rich

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Do you ever think about how you would deal with budgeting if all of a sudden, you were able to increase your income exponentially? Would you be able to continue on the frugal and financial savvy path you are on now, or would the idea of having more of a cushion trip you up?

You have to admit, one you go frugal you can’t go back. At least, that’s what we all think in our heads. But what if you were able to increase your 30, 40, or 50 thousand dollar salary to a 100 grand? To able to increase the monetary input into your budget by 100% or more is something we all dream of, but would it really benefit us?

The gift and the curse of tight budgeting and frugal life is that we count every penny. Not one dollar is left floating in budgeting space and we know how to stretch it until it screams. Because our budgets have no room to budge, if we make a mistake and use more than allotted for, let’s say, a cell phone bill, it will effect every other bill that needs to be paid. Now think about if you could pay off all of your bills once a year. If you could go out and get that car you’ve always wanted without batting an eye? Would you do it? Or would continue to create a monthly budget and leave within your means?

This topic has entered my head quite a bit lately. With the success of books like “The Millionaire Next Door” and the big lottery drawings as of late, I can’t help but think how money can change drastically change the lives of once frugal families. One of my favorite shows to zone out to is “The Lottery Changed My Life.” It’s interesting to see how some people succumb to the money and how others continue on with life, keeping the same job, the same home and using the money only for yearly vacations, to create a cushion in their savings accounts, or even in some cases, doing more for charity.  I always view frugality as a way to see what a person is all about. It’s a lifestyle that requires determination, a clear view of your goals, and extreme steadfastness. Ironically, the life of millionaire seems to require the same traits.

So, the real question is, how much would the money change you? Can you imagine living the same lifestyle you have now with millions under your belt? I’d love to know what you think!

P.S.- I am in love with the New York Times review of The Millionaire Next Door. Check it out when you have the time…and read the book! It’s great motivation.

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  1. 6.7.12
    Alex M said:

    I think we have worked so far for what we have, that we would be loath to toss it aside. Over the years we have learned less is more. If we won big chunk of money, we know we wouldn’t want a big house! We would, however, value the peace of mind.

  2. 6.7.12
    Amiyrah said:


    I love that! Value the peace of mind. That’s exactly where we would be as well. I’m still surprised at how well we are with this lifestyle, especially having friends that aren’t’ exactly frugal. It’s been a blessing in disguise to learn this life. Our finances are currently increasing, which is why this has been on my mind. I think I that we will never falter from this way of life now that we know it. It just seems to fit us.

  3. 6.7.12

    Wow – I love your thoughts here. I think that there are so many blessings to being frugal and being used to living on less, and I honestly do not even know what I would do if I suddenly had a ton of money! Lots of great things to think about. Thanks!

  4. 6.8.12
    Ginger said:

    The money would not change me unless I had more than five million. That is the amount I would need to retire, right now, without cutting my lifestyle. If I won the lotto for more, first I would put that amount away for retirement then increase my lifestyle a bit. Pay down the mortgage, buy another rental, take a vacation but normal lifestyle would not change.

  5. 6.8.12
    Amiyrah said:


    Yes, it’s difficult to think about how you would change your frugality under that instance, right? I think the best part about bringing this up is that it gets us thinking. Plus, if we actually think about what life will be with all that money, that should attract all that money to us, don’t you think? 🙂


    I am super impressed that you know the exact amount you will need for retirement! We have a round about number, but it’s not anything that we developed while sitting and seriously talking about it. I love your game plan too. And I’m calling it for you: you’re going to get that 5 million before you know it! Believe it and it’ll come 😀

  6. 7.2.12

    My husband and I had this conversation not long ago. He thinks we’d be apt to be less careful and ultimately no better off financially than we are now. I choose to believe that we’d still be careful and try to be smart, there just wouldn’t be so much stress about it.

    I love your blog name by the way. 🙂