Birthday (Pan) Cake

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I love going big for birthdays. Even if I can’t get to you on your actual birthday, you can bet that if you are a mainstay in my life, you will get quite the pomp and circumstance once I do see you. You can guess that this is doubly true for my Husband and kids. I go all out for those varmints.

I obviously do parties in grand scale. I even shared with you all what we did for Duchess’s first birthday, and then shared even more. Of course, while making it grand, I like to keep costs down as well. So, on the morning of Sonny’s 7th birthday, I wanted to make him something special while using what we already had on hand. I turned to pancakes.

Not just any pancakes, though. I had the pleasure of meeting with De Wafelbakkers company when I went to Type A Parent Conference. They claimed that they had fantastic pancakes, and since I know I make the best ones EVER, I took on that challenge. When I got home, I used the coupon they provided and purchased a bag. Guys, no lie, this pancakes are the truth. I knew that when we tried them, I’d have to use them in a special way for Sonny’s birthday breakfast. And it must include bananas and Nutella.

I caramelized some bananas right on the stove and decided to use them on top of my creation. Caramelized bananas? Fuhgeddaboudet.

Next I microwaved 6 of the De Wafelbakkers buttermilk pancakes following the directions on the bag. Super easy! Now it was time for the Nutella. Sweet, delicious nutella. After I let the pancakes cool for about 5 minutes, I smeared the top of each pancake with the hazelnut spread and layered them like a mini 6-layer cake. Are you drooling yet?

He loved it! He blew out the candles, let each of us have a slice and then went to town. What kid would say no to a birthday cake made from pancakes?

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  1. 7.10.12

    Happy Birthday Sonny Boy! Wow, you are soooo I wanna try that pancake cake!

  2. 7.10.12

    You totally should! It was super easy. Im going to make a similar one for the Duchess for her birthday, but it’ll have a different topping and filling. Make it for Hubby on his bday ;-).

  3. 7.10.12
    Kelby said:

    Oh how fun! It looks delicious!

  4. 7.10.12

    Great idea! Especially since eating cake for breakfast is “sort of” frowned on. But pancakes and Nutella and caramelized bananas – off the charts!


  5. 7.10.12
    Nancy said:

    I have to try this, it looks so yummy. What a great idea!

  6. 7.11.12

    That looks soooo good! My kids love pancakes….I might just surprise mine with one “just because!”

  7. 7.11.12


    you are so right! I mean, you can’t frown upon a pancake birthday cake for breakfast, right?


    I bet they would go crazy over it! Let me know what they think of it :).

  8. 7.11.12
    Amanda said:

    Um, YUM. I’m making this as a special Sunday treat! Great idea!