Putting Olive Oil to the test

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As a Mom who loves to cook, I have to say, I pay attention to ingredients. If just one of pieces of dinner is sub-par, I get feelings over it. This foodie is serious about the basics. So, when I was sent Casa di Oliva Olive Oil to review, I immediately gave it a hard time.

Casa di Oliva
has an Extra Virgin Olive Oil aimed towards children. According to the label, “Casa Di Oliva Olive Oil for Kids is the #1 recommended olive oil for children by pediatricians.” Sounds great, right? But I just couldn’t get over the fact that it was made specifically for kids. Was it because the taste wouldn’t matter to their young palates? I had to investigate. The best way to do so was to make my best recipe where olive oil was the star: Basil Pesto pasta.

Pesto is really all about the oil. You need quality olive oil, since it will be the prevalent taste, besides the basil. The sauce isn’t cooked, so the oil needs to be on the ball. After not believing it the first couple of times I tasted it, this olive oil is one of the best i’ve ever cooked with. It was smooth, but the olive taste was upfront with a slight sweet under note. It’s perfect as a base for vinaigrettes and marinades, or like we used it, pesto sauce. And it contains those great Omegas: Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, which is perfect for growing kiddos.

Since it did so well in the kitchen, I decided to even add it into our beauty regime. Because it’s so pure, or “extra” virgin, it was a great moisturizer for the kids’ skin. My son really loved how he didn’t have to re-lotion later in the day and my baby girl’s skin was even softer than usual. Casa di Oliva is good inside and out.

The consensus? We all enjoyed this product and it will be a new staple in the pantry. I’ll even try to stop giving it a hard time, but I won’t make any promises.

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