eBay Jewelry: who would have thunk it?

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Lately I’ve been on an eBay binge. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on there, looking up items that I’ve seen on celebrities, or finding things that I always wanted to get but just didn’t have the money to purchase. I also blame Jenny from Jenny on the Spot for my addiction. She had a great giveaway on her blog a while back, and I won a $100 eBay gift certificate. Dang you, Jenny! I’ve used that win as my fun money. I even used it to buy the Husband’s father’s day gift. But, my new obsession on eBay is jewelry. Crazy, funky, totally awesome jewelry.

I’ve always had a thing for jewelry. I don’t really go all out when I wear it, but I love having one really original piece that I can wear with an outfit. I also tend to wear that piece to exhaustion. As Eminem poignantly says, that’s just the way I am.  So, when I started to lurk browse around eBay for cool jewelry, I was shocked to find some pretty awesome stuff. My first find was this little beauty:

I’m a rock kind of gal, but you could choose paper on the right, or scissors on the left. Whatever floats your boat. Now, not only was I giggling with glee over finding this little sassy double-finger ring, I was also giddy over the price: 1.25 with free shipping. Say what?! But I couldn’t stop there. I also found something I had been searching for in stores for about a year:

An ear cuff! I love that these are in style now, and that more importantly, they are being sold for cheap online. I have a “thing” for snake jewelry, so when I saw this one for only 2.29 with free shipping, I grabbed it up immediately. The picture doesn’t do it justice; it’s much more beautiful in person. Yet again, I couldn’t stop there. I had my eyes on yet another double-finger ring:

I fell in love with this cross ring as soon as I got it. It did look a bit different than the eBay picture, but I really loved how rustic it was. I think this piece was the one that my Husband loved the most because it combined fashion and faith!

If I had to give one piece of advice on ordering cool jewelry off of eBay it would be this: be patient! You may not find what you are looking for right away, but it may be listed a few days (or weeks) afterward. Also, most of these pieces came from Asia, so it took me a few weeks to get them. The reason the shipping was free is because the Asian sellers send it international parcel post. It takes longer for you to get, but it keeps the cost down. Besides, if you are finding a piece that really suits your personality, it will be well worth the wait.

So what do you all think? Planning to give eBay a chance and find yourself a cute little piece of jewelry?

This post was in no way sponsored by eBay. I just love what I’ve been finding on there lately and thought I would share with you all :).

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  1. 7.5.12
    Anonymous said:

    Your snake cuff looks so cool! I have a ring that looks similar. Whenever I’m looking for funky cheap costume pieces, I hit my local beauty supply store. They sell cute trendy rings, earrings, necklaces,etc. I call it “white trash jewelry shopping”! (I’m white, so I guess I’m allowed to say that.) Off now to see the fireworks. Happy 4th, and thank you for your service, Amiyrah!

  2. 7.5.12


    hope you had a blast at the fireworks! Never thought to look at the beauty supply store for cool jewelry. I’ll have to check out mine the next time I pop in. Thanks for sharing that!