Homemade Mosquito Spray

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Here is New Jersey, we get the pleasure of enjoying mosquito season during the summer. And by pleasure, I mean torture. The little jerks are everywhere, and no matter what spray we use, someone tends to get bitten. Also, I’m not a fan of spraying my kids with that repellent in the green can. The smell is awful and it’s so processed. The skin is the largest organ we have, so it doesn’t sit well with with me when I have to spray chemicals directly on it. That’s why this year, we’re making our own.

Google “homemade bug spray” and you get thousands of hits. Unfortunately, I’ve gone through about half of them. Most call for about 17 different essential oils, which I don’t have and don’t have the money to buy. Then I journeyed over to the magical Pinterest. That’s where I hit the jackpot. I found a recipe for a repellant that called for 2 things I have in abundance: vinegar and dried herbs. THAT’S IT. Say what?!

Wellness Mama has a few recipes for homemade mosquito spray, but I stuck with the “Vinegar of the Four Theives” spray since those were the ingredients I had on hand. Since it’s the strongest of the repellants, I’ll probably cut it with water when I eventually bottle it (it takes 2 weeks for it to marinate). I plan on passing this around during the kids’ birthday party this saturday instead of the chemical stuff. Best part? It costs me pennies to make. Score, Score, Score.

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  1. 7.16.12

    I’m the same way! I hate using the repellants! Have you tried dryer sheets? My mom always said to keep it in your back pocket and the little buggers will stay away (guess they don’t like nice smelling things!). I went out with DH to watch fireworks (it was hot and humid, but I wore a sweater, pants, socks, sneaks, the works b/c I HATe getting bit!). I gave him the dryer sheets and he rubbed himself with one….I told him just to keep one on him. He smelt great and he didn’t get bit….something else to try out too!

  2. 7.17.12
    Amiyrah said:


    Yup! I read that trick too! But since I’d have to buy the sheets, it’ll be something that we may try if I ever get a stockpile of them again lol. I had vinegar on hand and the dried herbs, so I went the cheap route. Mosquitos don’t like nice smelling things, like lavender, and they REALLY hate the smell of mint and citrus. I put in A LOT of dried mint in the bug spray mixture, so it should do the trick.