Rainbow Kids Party!

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Happy Monday!

I know that I teased you all with pictures of the kids’ party during our InstaDay uploads on Instagram. Well, this week, we’re going to delve deep into the frugal preparation and the fun! Here are some pictures to start off the week:

 Dollar store goodies…the whole party was planned around these

 The birthday babies had special shirts made by me! Tutorial coming this week…

 White peach Sangria in a 2.00 multi-gallon jug I got from Walmart.

 We used dollar store buckets to house the snacks, and the shovels as scoops!

 The kids’ wagon, and a few bags of ice, were used to keep the non-alcoholic drinks cold.

 Trix-Kix Krispies! Recipe coming later this week…

 Our wonderful centerpiece. Tutorial coming later this week, as well…

And lastly, what’s a rainbow party without a rainbow cake? Made by my wonderful cake decorator Mother. Wait until you see what Duchess’s cake was made out of!

This is just part of the fun! I can’t wait to share everything with you all and hopefully give you some inspiration for your next gathering. Check in everyday this week for another great party post. See you tomorrow!

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