Wells Fargo Update

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My drama with the infamous Wells Fargo is slowly dwindling down. If you need to jog your memory on my story with them, I documented the preposterous interaction a few weeks ago.

Well, since I’ve gotten some comments and emails wanting to know how everything was working out with my former bank, I figured I’d give you an update. Just a few days ago, I received a letter from them. Apparently, that absorbent, ridiculous amount of money they said WE had to pay because they decided not pay attention to a fraudulent check THEIR teller put in our account, has almost disappeared. I say almost because even though it hasn’t completely vanished, it’s gone from thousands of dollars to a mere 100 and some change. Hmmm, the plot thickens.

Now, they were singing a totally different tune when they closed our account and threatened us a few months back. It was “you made the mistake of trusting our tellers, so you pay. You pay now!” They even said that our account was completely closed and had been calling me non-stop asking for payment. Every time we spoke on the phone, I informed them about us seeking legal action, and we could discuss this once they spoke to our lawyer. It was marked in their system and that was that.

Now when we received the most recent letter, it claimed that our account was not closed and that we needed to pay the 100 something dollars or they just may close it and send us to collections. From a Doberman to a Chiguagua, I see. I guess the mention of “legal action” sends most conglomerates into a tizzy, but this one really amused me.

I mostly wanted to post this update to remind you of something: never back down from what you think is right, especially when it comes to your finances. If I would have bowed down and paid for this multi-million dollar banking chain’s mistake, our savings would be in dire straits right now. Because I KNEW they were in the wrong (and got back-up to prove so), they are now sending puppy barks my way. I can choose to throw them a bone, or not.

Always stand your ground.

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  1. 7.18.12
    Anonymous said:

    Don’t give them a f—ing dime! Wells Fargo sucks!!!

  2. 7.18.12
    JennysMom said:

    Remember Maya Angelou’s fav. quote of mine: “When people (or banksters at WF, etc) show you who they are the FIRST time, believe them.”

    Don’t give them a penny! Stick to your script on the phone because you are right, and they are wrong. Be strong! They probably steal $100 from millions of their customers who pay it just to get them to stop calling.

    I’ve had 100’s of ROBO calls from WF for 1 1/2 years from their debt collectors. Clueless! It’s NOT my debt, but the lady who had my phone # before I moved here. Finally, on a Saturday morning a few months ago– before 8 AM–a female WF employee called me. Wow, did I let her know what jerks they were! In very specific terms.

    One simple phone call would have worked if they had one human call me and ask, “Is this Rachel McVey?” but oh no, they chose to harass me sometimes five times/day. I still can’t pick up my phone & have to let it go to voice mail for every call from numerous debt collectors. Even my kids call and say, “Mom, are you there? ‘Cuz it’s me & I’m not a debt collector…”

  3. 7.18.12
    Anonymous said:

    Just curious….the customer service people in the branch would not help you? If I ever have a problem they are more than happy to help me on the spot.

  4. 7.19.12
    Amiyrah said:


    yes, I did. I talked about it in my 1st post. I went into the actual branch and talked to the reps in there. They were very helpful but of course, had to call corporate once they saw the weirdness going on in my account. Corporate told them to say, and I quote “you account will now be closed. You can’t bank with us anymore. And you must pay the amount of the fraudulent check that was placed in your account.” Notice they acknowledged that it was fraudulent? Please read the first post to get the whole story. I get agitated just typing it again on here lol.

  5. 7.19.12
    Anonymous said:

    So sorry, I only saw that you called so thought I would sort of suggest a visit to the branch. Sometimes speaking with a real live human can get you some satisfaction.
    Looks like it’s on it’s way to being resolved. Best of luck (and I think a little luck can go a long way when dealing with this loser bank)

  6. 7.20.12
    Amiyrah said:


    no worries! Yes, it’s on it’s way to being resolved, thank goodness. I just think it’s sad that so many are having, or have had, trouble with this bank.

  7. 7.20.12
    Di said:

    I don’t get what the “payment” that they were seeking was for??? What did they tell you-was it some kind of $1,900.00 service charge?

  8. 7.21.12
    Amiyrah said:


    they tried to say that because there was an attempt at putting the check in the account, that we had to pay what was put on that fraudulent check. Now mind you, they were able to stop the check from going through since I questioned it in time and bought it to their attention (and the attention of the local police department). They chose not to stop it. If with a police report in hand, proof of the fraudulent activity and name of the company, and an affidavit from the officer that investigated for me, they chose not to. So yes, they were basically trying to “spank” us for a mistake that they made and make us “learn a lesson” by paying them money that they never actually lost. Also? Yes, they put a overdraft fee on our account, adding insult to injury.