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My kid is turning into a vegetarian. I’m serious. Sonny is having this phase where meat is not at all delicious. Chicken? Meh, I’ll take it or leave it, Mom. Steak or roast beef? No way! The only thing he’ll eat without a fight is fish. He loves any type of fish. Oh, and hot dogs. But I’m a firm believer in that if I gave him tofu dogs, he’d eat those as well. I think it’s just the fun of shape of a lovely frankfurter. Luckily, we took weekly trips to a place where he could explore he taste buds on the finest fruits and veggies a vegetarian/pescetarian/hop-dogitarian would love.

This summer, I tried to make an effort to get the kids to the Farmers Markets at least once a week. I say “try” since the weather (and not-so well behaved kids) prevented us from going every single Friday. But, when we did, it was always an experience.

While I wore the Duchess on my back and plopped a hat on my head, Sonny was able to walk around the whole Market. His mission, if he chose to accept it, was to find one new fruit and vegetable to try each week. Some weeks he tried to con me into get two fruits, or two veggies, but I told him the importance of sticking to a mission. He quickly got the hang of it.

This particular week, we saw a plethora of nature’s bounty; organic corn, nectarines, sugar plums, beets and even garlic scapes. While he was excited about the amount of choice there was, my little scientist was most excited about interrogating the farmers. He was full of questions about their harvest: 

“Where is your farm?” 
“How do these grow?” 
“Is it a fruit or a vegetable?”

I usually cut off my mad scientist after a few questions, but I realized that the farmers were enticed by him and his inquisitiveness. Also, my kids seemed to be the only children in the whole market. 

After about an hour, Sonny had whittled his choices down to garlic scapes and sugar plums. After asking the farmer how to prepare scapes (perfect in a stir fry or sliced on a bias and added to mixed veggies), we paid and were on own way.

While I designed our weekly outings as a cheap way to entertain my kids, it’s turned into a scavenger hunt of delightfulness. Each week we go, we discover something new, whether it’s through taste or through the intrepid amount of questions my son asks the farmers. So, if my dear boy is turning into a vegetarian, we’ll be prepared. I mean, the sugar plums weren’t that bad. Please don’t tell him I snuck one. Or three.

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  1. 8.22.12
    Alex M said:

    Once again proving you are Super-Mom. What a great idea!

    I try to shop the Farmer Stand down the street as much as possible. One thing I am happy about is that the Price Rite in my neighborhood (as well as one near my office) caters to the Latino community. We can find all sort of South American items for cheap. One night I made a casserole with plaintains for the hubs and our contractor. I’d never used them before and the meal was a huge success. I try to bring home new things from the Asian market but the language barrier means I am always guessing.

  2. 8.22.12
    Amiyrah said:

    Mmmm Alex, I bet those plantains were delicious in the casserole! I fell in love with plantains when we went to Puerto Rico.

    I love going to the ethnic markets too, but didn’t think of taking the kids there. That’s where I could have taken them on the days it rained! Oh well, maybe next year :). Thanks for the reminder!

  3. 8.22.12
    JennysMom said:

    Love that your doing this, Amiyrah! What a fun adventure for all three of you!
    Do you know about the “Dirty Dozen list for most pesticides of fruits/veggies and “Clean 15” list for least? It changes every year, but that’s how I shop. I laminated a small typed list and have it in my purse for reference when I shop.

    Yes, I’d love to buy all organic but I’d go bankrupt & I wanted to get my kids through college with no student debt (almost there in 9 more months).

    Tell Sonny Boy to check out plumots! They’re my newest find! A plumot is a plum + apricot combined. They’re crisp and sweet–and best from the ‘fridge. I love to slice ’em up and put them on top of Greek yogurt. They’re only around for a few more weeks. Don’t know if you can find them in NJ, but they showed up in Potato Land. I found them on sale for $1.29/lb. A few weeks ago, they were $1.99/lb. Yes, expensive at that price but oh so good…

  4. 8.23.12
    Margaret said:

    I haven’t been to the Farmer’s Market except once this summer. A new indoor one opened around the corner from me so I’m hoping to stop in there this weekend.

  5. 8.25.12
    Jenny said:

    I wish I could share some of the fruuits and veggies that we grow here, and I bet your sunnyboy would love organic produce 🙂