Fashion Friday- Toddler Chic

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One of her “Outfit of the Day” pictures. Hahahaha!

My little girl seems to think she’s a fashionista. I mean, she walks around with my shoes on, picks out her clothes for the day, and insists on picking out outfits from the kids consignment store, or the girls section of the thrift store. Although I’m in for a world of trouble when she gets older, I can’t help but get tickled pink at her actions now.

I recently started adding her brother’s old dress shirts to her wardrobe. Boys (and Mens) dress shirts can become a great staple for any lady; they can be used as cover-ups at the beach in the summer, can be paired with leggings and boots in the fall and even used as a layering piece in the winter. Also, if you tie it just right, you can turn it into a spring dress or skirt!


We did a little “fashion show” showing off a few ways we’ve been using the shirts. As you could guess, Duchess Fashionista had a ball. Little Ham.
If you have kids, do you use hand-me-downs in interesting ways?

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  1. 8.31.12
    JennysMom said:

    Duchess Fashionista! I love it! Remember days likes this.They really do go by in a “blink of an eye”. -PS Keep grocery hounding, you’re gonna need every penny when she becomes a Duchess Teenager… lol

  2. 9.1.12

    I cannot wait to have a little girl to dress in such cute dresses!!

  3. 9.1.12

    She is adorable! No, my son is an only child and we don’t have any family with kids anywhere near his age.

    When I first started high school I stayed with my Granny a lot and used to raid my uncle’s closet for shirts, this was early 80’s and big shirts were a thing. I once paired a red and black plaid with pleather pants.