Dress Your Girl In Boys Clothing

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Our little girl is turning out to be a real lover of fashion. This past week was fashion week here in the U.S., and I fed her love by watching with her some of the runway shows on YouTube. She also picks out her clothes (for the most part) in the morning, and even asks for certain shoes that she fancies when we shop together. Obviously, if we let it, her love could mean our empty bank account. But, we’ve found ways to get around that. We dress her in boys clothing.

Most of you have seen the video of Duchess putting on her best model face and showing how to wear boys dress shirts. The video was meant to be fun and cute, but in the same token, show you all that we do indeed dress her in her brother’s old shirts and glam them up a bit to make them feminine for her. Recently, while doing some quick shopping at Walmart I came across these gems:

While perusing the 3.00 clearance rack, I found a pair of boys wrangler jeans. I was attracted to them because of the cuffed bottoms and that they seemed a little bigger than Duchess’s size, which means she’ll be able to grow into them in the winter. I did see a 3.00 tag on the waist band of the jeans, but decided to check the tag anyway to see if there was a conflicting price:

The jeans were on clearance for 8.00 but were now 3.00! I had to grab them up. I was taken aback by the size as well: 18 months. These puppies were WAY bigger than the usual 18 month sizes, and with Duchess wearing 24 months, I figured these would be great. Why did I make a point of getting these boy pants for my fashion forward girl? Well, boyfriend jeans are IN, didn’t you know that? Ha! Also, they have an adjustable waist inside, which means I can “tailor” them to her size. She really needed new jeans, as well. Her three pair that she has are way too small, and with the weather getting cooler, I wanted to grab a pair of jeans to tide her over until I can get back to the thrift store and look for more.

The big lesson here is to always look at all of your options for kids clothing, whether it’s in the clearance section at a chain store, the boys section of the thrift and consignment stores, or those hand-me-downs your friends pass on to you. Girls can wear boys clothing, so keep your eyes open for those great finds.

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  1. 9.17.12
    Michelle said:

    awww cute!

  2. 9.18.12
    Anonymous said:

    I do this too! What thrift stores do you frequent? I am in central NJ too and I have been to kid to kid on rte. 22 b/c of you! :). I live right off of 22 in fact…

  3. 9.18.12
    Brenna said:

    My mom did this to us way before it was cool. Sigh… Skinny jeans weren’t it either. Just ahead of my time I guess.

  4. 9.19.12
    Amiyrah said:


    I’m so glad you stopped into Kid to Kid! I try to get to the Unique Thrift stores in south Plainfield and Watchung when I can. I hope to see you around sometime!

  5. 9.19.12
    Amiyrah said:


    Thank you!


    Ha! Yes, you sure were ahead of your time. But guess what? Now you know for a fact that your Mom was a frugal genius.

  6. 9.20.12
    Anonymous said:

    I like Unique too! It is about a 5 minute drive for me in Watchung! 🙂