Know your Dragons

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Lesson one: Know your Dragons

As Gobbler announces the first assignment for the Dragon Hunter graduation class of 333 A.D., I feel a light bulb moment hit me. Life is all about knowing your “dragons” and conquering them. Whether those dragons be meek and mild, or beyond dangerous, we have to acknowledge them and know what they’re capable of.

We’d been waiting to see the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular for a few weeks; as soon as I put it on the calendar, Sonny was ecstatic, asking a plethora of questions about the show, and if there would be “real live dragons” there. As we counted down the days, I found myself getting just as excited as he, mostly because I knew the questions would stop. I’d never thought that I would actually learn something from the show, and in turn, from my children.

As we watched a live action Hiccup befriend a robotic, but realistic, Toothless and discover the positive attributes of dragons, I couldn’t help but parallel this experience with mine as a mother. As I watched my children’s reaction to the extravaganza, my dragons showed themselves to me. My wee dragon baby girl was beyond frightened by the show, snuggling as close to my chest as possible whenever one of the fire-breathers flew over us. My sensitive yet strong dragon boy watched on with hardly a blink, as dragons were slain, Vikings were singed, and the relationship of Father and Son was unfolded in front of our eyes. As the King learned how special his son Hiccup really was, I was doing the same with my own brood:

My boisterous, brazen girl had found her first fear

While my loving, heart-warming son was discovering how to be fearless

A big thanks to How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular for inviting us to see this wonderful event.

The show will be in the NY/NJ area until Sunday, September 30th, and then will be moving to the Upstate New York area. Check here for dates and times, and go enjoy!

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