My 3 biggest fears: screw you, spiders

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I’m so excited to be a new member of the #VlogMoms group! I’ve become a vlogging fool as of late, so being part of a group WITH WEEKLY TOPICS  makes my heart sing.

Now, what better way to celebrate my first video for #VlogMoms than to talk about my biggest fears, right? Right? Nothing like revisiting my Arachnophobia in a vlog to make a girl feel all warm inside.  This week’s topic was provided by Lee at Couple Dumb, which is great because know I know who to send my therapist bill to.

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  1. 9.16.12

    Okay – you are definitely a woman who knows what she wants out of life. You are strong, determined, goal-oriented AND you plan to accomplish all that while avoiding spiders!!

  2. 9.17.12

    Ha! Thank you Fadra! I guess we’ll have to take over the world together…while avoiding spiders at all cost.