A Week In My Life – Wednesday

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Waking up with the grumps is not fun. You have to be the one in your household to get everyone in the mood to greet the day, and this Hump Day was already kicking my butt before I even lifted my head from the pillow. I’m not sure if it was my PTSD or the gloomy weather, but I was not ready to get going at all. 

My son popped into the room after hearing me hit the snooze button the first time, and asked if he could get dressed for the day and go have breakfast.

“Don’t you want to stay home with Mom today?”
“Umm…no thank you.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, ma’am. No thank you. I wanna go to school.”

The 7 year old could see right through me. I was dying to have him say yes and cuddle with me and his sister in bed all day. It was quite a selfish thought, and a soon as he said no thank you, I knew I had to get the heck up.

To make the day a bit more special for him, I sent him off with a hot lunch. We had leftover ravioli from Monday night, so I did my special thermos routine and got him all set for his day. The kids enjoyed some oatmeal for breakfast, then we hit the door to walk to the bus stop. When we left the house, I noticed our lovely neighbors were in the process of moving. This immediately made me sad; it’s very hard to come by neighbors that aren’t creepy, let alone nice. After we dropped Sonny off at the bus stop, I told them that if they needed any help, I’d be free during Duchess’s nap time. If they had to go, I wanted to make sure they had all the help they needed. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to help them out but there’s always tomorrow.

I took a quick shower, hopped on the computer and did some work. Duchess did a number of things while I was busy: she read a book, played with one of my bras (ugh.), and then grabbed my hand and insisted I play with her. There goes my morning work.

Eventually, she asked to watch an episode of Dora, so I got a few things done during that quick 23 minutes. I also got to watch her little toes the whole time. Swoon.

Oh! Before I started my work, I managed to fill my two crockpots with apples for applesauce and apple skins and cores for apple jelly. I’m still very surprised with the applesauce/ apple jelly recipes out there that claim to be “frugal” but contain way too many ingredients. I plan on posting my applesauce and apple jelly recipes this week and next to show how absolutely cheap it is to make both. A quick note: don’t add sugar to your slow cooker applesauce. It’s just…wrong.

Anyway, Duchess and I played some games and sang a few songs (she loves Taylor Swift and Old MacDonald Had a Farm at the moment), then it was time for lunch. She asked for leftovers from the night before and I decided to have the same. Nap time was a bit of a struggle, again, and didn’t last long. She woke up crying and said she was scared, so we did some snuggling. I didn’t realize how much I needed a good toddler snuggle until we did it for 15 minutes. It was heaven. Luckily, I got through my emails during the short time she slept, so we could goof off the rest of the day.

I got to do a quick vlog while she was asleep too. And, for good measure, I packed on a bunch of makeup and did my best “Senior Portrait” pose. Happy Hump Day.

We played in the leaves a bit at the bus stop. You can’t go wrong with fun in Autumn leaves. Sonny had math homework, his least favorite, so I taught him a new way to add and subtract larger numbers. I’m hoping it will help, but we shall see.

Our evening routine was the same as every other day: get Dad from the train station, come home and cook, have dinner (made homemade hamburger helper) and get the kids in bed. This time, while we ran to get Dad, I found out that my guest post was published on Aiming Low! I was so excited that I ended up putting a pep in my step and getting all of my evening chores done early so I could have a celebratory drink.

Cheers to you.

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  1. 10.27.12

    Saw your post on Aiming Low! Congrats!!! We love making applesauce in the crockpot with just apples, NO SUGAR. Love your senior portrait photo and glad to see you got some toddler snuggles in.