Fashion Friday- Minty Sweet

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It’s time to show another outfit of the day from the Duchess! She’s becoming an even bigger fashionista now; she demands a photo shoot whenever she’s in a cute outfit. We come from the bus stop and she asks in the sweetest voice “picture time, mommy?” If I relent, then that sweet voice turns into a stern one. Watch out Naomi Campbell. Sheesh!

This day, it was a bit breezy, so I threw on her mint green, handmade, sweater we got for a dollar at the Re-sale store. Paired with her brother’s old white dress shirt, some leggings, and mary janes, she was good to go for the rest of the day.

White dress shirt- hand-me down from her brother
Handmade knit mint green sweater- 1.00 from Kid to Kid

Garanimals polka dot leggings- 3.88 at Walmart
Silver Mary Janes- 3.84 on clearance at Target

The pine cones were free…

Happy Fashion Friday!

I’m linking up with girly mama for the fashion friday carnival. Join in!

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  1. 10.5.12
    Dumb Mom said:

    Little girls seem so fun to dress!

  2. 10.5.12

    It can be fun at times, but every once in a while I miss the ease that is dressing a boy. Shirt, pant of some sort and a sneaker. Done! Ha!

  3. 10.5.12

    I have a hard time passing up handmade things when I see them at the re-sale shops. I feel bad for whoever made them. I’m glad to see this one got a good home with you!

  4. 10.6.12
    Amiyrah said:


    I know how you feel! Duchess has a knit blanket that a bloggie friend made for her when I was pregnant. It’s a smaller blanket that she’s almost too big for now, but we would NEVER get rid of it. I am glad to grab up handmade things though. I feel like the person’s work isn’t going to be in vain if we can use it up as much as possible.

  5. 10.12.12

    Little angle is looking so nice in this dress and nowadays leggings are perfectly suits for kids.

  6. 10.14.12

    Hi I’m form Nottignham UK and I love your frugal fashion. Do come and join up at my linky, That mint cardiagna is so cute!