Non Conference- A Love-Fest

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When you’re a young geek, you tend to think there can’t be anyone like you in the universe. No one out in the world can have your unique ability to quote every movie you’ve ever seen, or has an obscenely large t-shirt collection. No one else out there is able to wax poetic about why Lando had to betray Han Solo in Empire Strikes Back. At least, that’s what I used to think. Then, I went to Non Conference.

Aiming Low and Slightly Bent Productions recently put together a lovely and intimate Conference. The Non Conference was meant to ignite bloggers and writers to a point of inspiration. When I briefly wrote about it last week, I had no idea how much it would change my outlook on my writing, and myself. I also had no clue that I would find so many kindred spirits in one place. It indeed felt like a “non conference.” It was more like a retreat; a continuous love-fest of “nerd and geekdom” and I had no issue with losing myself there. It felt like home.

Thank you so much, Aiming Low staff. You’ve showed me that I do have a voice, and no matter how weird I think it may be, it’s valuable, lovable, and needs to be shared with the world. And by the power of grayskull, I shall make you proud.

photo credits to The incredible Don’t Speak Whinese The genius Neil Kramer and the incomparable Southern Spark for three of these awesome pictures.

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  1. 10.16.12

    It was so great to meet you, and have you at my table. You are one in a million, and your joy in life shows across your face.

    Glad you had a great time, and you graced us with being the most beautiful superhero we’ve ever known in real life.

    A pleasure.

    Alexandra/Good Day Regular People

  2. 10.16.12
    Nichole said:

    I embrace & celebrate your nerdiness.

  3. 10.16.12

    Hope you spend a wonderful time. So much smile faces, GOD Bless you.

    Have a good day!

  4. 10.16.12

    All true! Loved meeting you there…and even staff feel the same way.

  5. 10.18.12

    I freaking adore you so much!!! Seriously. You are just an adorable ray of freaking sunshine.

    Also? I thought you said “a continuous love-fest of nerd and geekgasms”… My mind is obviously a pure one.

  6. 10.19.12

    I’m so glad you came, I adored getting time with you! I love that you connected and took the heart of the reason behind the NonCoin.

    And Han shot first.

  7. 10.19.12


    you are the sweetest! I’m so glad to have spent some time with you. You really are a great motivator. See you on Aiming Low? 🙂


    I embrace and celebrate your nerdiness as well, my new friend. You were the best last minute roommate a girl could hope for!

  8. 10.19.12


    I loved meeting you as well. I can’t wait to see how we end up squeezing out of our niches and conquering some new content. P.S.- I love you spirit. You are such a wonderful woman.


    I love you back! It was great to spend some actual time with you and listen to your story. Now my geek girl crush is complete. And geekgasms? Is that a fetish i’m not aware of? If so, yes, I would like to know more. Ha!

  9. 10.19.12


    I loved spending quality time with you too! Thank you so much for putting Non Con together and bringing all of us together. You are one of the best women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and laughing with. And..of course Han shot first.