Super C Drink

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We are a family of traveling circus performers. OK, not really. But we do quite a bit of traveling all year round. Now, with my new passion for blogging as a business, I’m finding myself traveling non-stop. Add in our trips to see the in-laws every couple of months, and our quick trips into NYC whenever we can, the whole family has the opportunity to get sick.

A few years ago I created this weird, but awesome, concoction. This Super C drink is chock full of vitamin C, and it uses items that are right in your fridge and medicine cabinet. What do you need?

A Tumbler or water bottle
Airborne or EmergenC
Orange Juice

That’s it! Want to know how to make it? Check out the video below.

The super C drink is such a great drink to have when traveling for business or even for the upcoming holidays. Vitamin C for the win!

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