There’s a King in every Kid

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If we learn anything from the recent tabloid debauchery with the Royal Family, it’s that no one is immune to controversy. It seems like each day brings yet another publication trying to dirty up the reputation of either Will, Kate, or Harry. As a parent, I feel for their situations, but I also applaud them for their response to the backlash. They were all raised to be royalty, just as I’m raising my kids to be.

In my few short years as a parent, I’ve learned something valuable: There is a King in every Kid. Once my son turned 2, this phrase awakened in me a conviction. I was determined to explain to him how important he is to the world, and as an important “royal” in our family “court,” he had to know what his responsibilities were. Since then, we’ve explained to him what a Prince is expected to do:

1. Respect and honor his family, especially the Queen and King
2. Treat others with respect, even if they aren’t part of your “court”
3. Be truthful and courteous
4. Become worldly; learn new languages, read new books, and explore new cultures
5. Keep your head up, your back straight, and your smile curved upward
6. Always protect your princess, whether it’s your sister, or the woman you marry
7. Take pride in who and what you are, even if others may view you as “different”

Just 6 simples rules for a royal that have created one of the sweetest and respectable persons i’ve ever met (and birthed). As he follows his rules, yes, we do reward him. It may be a new video game, or a trip to the book store or library, but a reward is used as a congratulations. If the rules are broken, he is reprimanded. He may have to tell the Queen Mother (my Mother or my Mother-in-law) about his indiscretion, or favorite toys, books and activities will be taken away or deeply rationed. This has helped us avoid the “brat factor” in our home. We know that once he gets a bit older, the rules may be harder to manage, but we can only create the foundation for now, and hope it continues into the future. Isn’t that what parents, royal or not, are supposed to do?

Do you treat your child like royalty? What types of rules or guidelines have you set for your kids?

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