#FashionFriday – Cashmere and Cowboy Boots

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I’m a city gal. I was born in one of the biggest cities in New Jersey, which is only a train stop away from my favorite Metropolis, New York City. I love the high buildings, the corner stores, and the fact that there is always something open and ready for you to shop. I’m also a fan of city fashion. But, I do have one item i’ve always wanted: Cowboy Boots.

They are just so intricate, and even though they are meant for hard labor, they look so chic. The detailing on a Cowboy boot can be a piece of artwork, and it can also tell so much about the wearer. If they are stoic, full of humor, or a big fan of color. I’ve always wanted a pair that reflected me.

When Country Outfitter allowed me to pick a pair of cowboy boots of my very own, I was giddy with delight. There were so many to choose from; they’re selection is vast and it literally took me a few hours to narrow down the pair just for me. But I found them. Her name is Sorrel.

Isn’t she lovely? The Sorrel Apache Boot just screams “Amiyrah!” The classic chocolate color with a cool square toe, and the wonderfully colorful stitching on the side fits my personality to a tee. It was me. In a boot. As you can see by the little hand, The Duchess loved them too. I have a feeling she might inherit these later in life.

I even made a video featuring the boots in 2 chic, thrifty, city girl styles.

Would you like to win a pair of your own? You would? Great! Country Outfitter is excited to offer one of my readers a $150 gift card to their site so you can find the boots of your dreams too.

Click Here to Enter. This is your only mandatory entry to win. Put in your email address and that’s it! Want an extra entry? Comment down below and tell me the name of outfit you liked best from the video.

Just a note: Country Outfitter will occasionally send you marketing messages. You are free to opt out at any time. You must be a US resident 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway ends on December 14th and the winner will be contacted via email from Country Outfitter.

Update: The contest is now closed. Thanks for entering!
Disclosure: Country Outfitter, a retailer of Justin cowboy boots, sent me these Justin Sorrel Apache Boots to review.

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  1. 11.30.12
    Lucrecer said:

    Country Disco was my favorite. The dress color is stunning.

  2. 11.30.12
    Barbie said:

    I loved both outfits, but my fave was the Country Disco outfit!!

  3. 11.30.12

    Country outfit!!

  4. 11.30.12

    Both were cute!! Liked country one best.

  5. 11.30.12

    Ooh, both outfits are cute. I can see myself more in the first one, but I like the second outfit better! You are too cute!

  6. 11.30.12

    You rocked it all- The Urban Cowgirl looked was great!

  7. 11.30.12

    Found you via the link up. Two of my absolute favorite things in the world in one post. Cowboy boots and the city. Awesome!

  8. 12.1.12
    JenD said:

    I agree, Country Disco was adorable!

  9. 12.1.12

    the Country Disco outfit was my favorite 🙂 thanks

  10. 12.3.12
    Elena Vo said:

    You are sooo cute in the Urban Cowgirl outfit! And I shared your love for big city shopping…yeah!


  11. 12.3.12

    you looked stunning in the orange dress. i lived in Texas 10 years and NEVER owned a pair of boots. of course, the ostrich boots i wanted were a teeny bit pricy…

  12. 12.3.12

    Very cute! I especially love the $1.00 owl necklace. Further proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot!

  13. 12.3.12

    Urban Cowgirl is my favorite, and girl, you look fine in skinny jeans!!!

  14. 12.3.12
    Andrea B. said:

    I simply adore you.

    Urban cowgirl was my fave. But both are too cute!

  15. 12.3.12
    Karen said:

    Love the dress.Of course, any outfit looks good with that owl necklace.It is so great

  16. 12.3.12
    Te Espi said:

    I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots. I have always worried about how to style them or looking to costumey, but you’ve given me some new ideas 🙂

  17. 12.3.12

    You are simply adorable. I loved the country look.

  18. 12.3.12

    I liked this article and your love for the boots was very evident. I only saw one mistake, those boots were actually screaming, “Janeane, Janeane, Janeane!!!!” hahahaha

  19. 12.3.12

    Love the urban cowboy. Casual and fun! What great boots.

  20. 12.4.12

    Super cute boots — and love the video!

  21. 12.4.12
    boyzrule said:

    Country disco was the best!

    Dmoretti1967 at yahoo.com

  22. 12.4.12

    Okay, so I don’t read directions well. I loved the Urban Cowgirl… that’s more my style!

  23. 12.4.12
    DJrelAt7 said:

    Cowboy boots are still on my to buy list. Since I have committed myself to being as debt free as I can possibly be before buying anything, I have put off buying them. But when I finally am, watch out! I hope I win!

  24. 12.4.12
    Patti said:

    I liked the skinny jeans and cashmere sweater outfit. So cute with boots! lebl9077@bellsouth.net I entered also!

  25. 12.4.12
    Mrs RKFJ said:

    LOVE these!

  26. 12.5.12

    Cute! I love cowboy boots!

  27. 12.5.12

    I love the boots!

  28. 12.5.12

    So, I had a pair of hot pink cowboy boots when I was a teenager. Hmm, me thinks this one is a whole lot nicer 🙂

  29. 12.6.12

    OMG I never thought I would want a pair of cowboy boots. But you have made me a fan and a believer! I LOVED that Country Disco outfit…that dresssss! 🙂

  30. 12.9.12

    I have wanted a pair of cowboys boots for the longest time. My wish is to pair with a wrapped silk dress. My favorite is the urban cowgirl, so relaxed and ready to kick back.

  31. 12.10.12
    Sheree said:

    OK, now I want some cowboy boots. I think I now know what to rock them with…ANYTHING! 🙂

  32. 12.11.12
    Liesel said:

    I think Urban cowgirl was my fav! Great giveaway!!!!!

  33. 12.11.12
    Sarah G said:

    I really liked your Country Disco dress and the Owl Necklace (I can’t believe it was only a $1!).

  34. 12.11.12

    The country dsco was mu favorite!

  35. 12.11.12

    I love the Country Disco dress with the boots – don’t think I have the guts to wear it with the bright tight though!

  36. 12.11.12
    Whisper said:

    I liked the Country Disco look. Very casual.

  37. 12.11.12
    Theresa said:

    I really like Country Disco! Super cute!!


  38. 12.12.12
    Anonymous said:

    Urban cowgirl is where its at! 🙂 scubasteph737 at yahoo dot com

  39. 12.13.12
    Anonymous said:

    My favorite is Country Disco!
    stormageddon235 at gmail dot com

  40. 12.14.12
    Anonymous said:

    Love the Country Disco.

  41. 3.17.14
    Julian said:

    I liked all of them!!!