Top Hat Tip- Measure your waist with your neck

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It’s time for another Top Hat Tip! The last tip showed how to make a healthy drink to get through the flu season, and this tip deals with fashion.

Don’t you just loathe going through your clothing and not knowing if a pair of pants or skirt will fit? You don’t feel like trying it on, but you’re not sure if you should add it to your rotation if it’s too small.

I learned this trick from a friend of mine in high school. She and her family visited India almost every spring, and found amazing deals on clothing in the open markets. The only issue was that the open markets didn’t have dressing rooms. So here’s what they did:

  1. Pick a piece of clothing to test out.
  2. Place the waist of the piece around your neck.
  3. If one end of the waist meets the other end at the back of your neck, they will fit your waist. If there is a gap from one end to the other, they will be too small. If they overlap, the piece will be slightly too big.

It’s that easy! I even love to use this trick when shopping at thrift stores, yard sales or during clothing swap parties with friends. My kids love to do this also, since they are not into trying on clothing at stores. It literally takes two seconds to see if an item of clothing will fit them now, or if we’ll have to store it for a later season. Even my husband has started to use this trick, since he has an odd waist size, and it takes him a long time to find pants that fit correctly. With this tip, he’s found lots of jeans and khakis that fit like a glove, and he didn’t have to bother getting a cubicle at the department store dressing room.  Do you still need a visual of how to do this trick? Check out the 1 minute video below:

Have you ever used a cool trick to help get through the piles of spring clothing you have stocked up for the season? Share in the comments below!

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  1. 11.29.12
    Meagan said:

    What a clever idea!!

  2. 11.29.12

    Are you kidding me?? That is so cool, running to the closet and trying this – think of all the time it’ll save!! wow!

  3. 11.29.12
    Tiffany said:

    How cool! I am the WORST judge of size and constantly buy stuff that is too small. Or maybe I’m just in denial of the size of my butt, lol. I’ll definitely have to try this out, I am a thrift store fanatic!

  4. 11.29.12

    Such a neat idea!

  5. 11.29.12

    Shut up!
    I had no idea that worked!
    This just made shopping a whole lot easier!