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Bus Stop Witches.

These mythical creatures hadn’t crossed my path until the start of last year. They’re always the same: staking their claim on a particular part of the curb, giggling about some private joke from the year before, and most importantly, scowling at any new moms that may come along. I must say, this whole situation totally sucks.

It feels like I’m back in high school. Yet again, not popular enough to even get a smile, or a “good morning.” I crack a smile each day, hoping to one day break the chilly hold of the ice queens’ hearts, but it never happens. Life goes on the way it always does, me as an outcast, and unfortunately, my son as the same.

Just this morning, we were running late as usual. On these particular days, Sonny insists on being his dramatic self and running to the bus stop as if the driver doesn’t see us making our way there. As he runs and yells “bus driver! wait!” I see the scowls. The looks of disgust. And I lose it. It’s fine to have some type of issue with me because I’m “new” or “younger” but don’t you dare look down at my kid. I’ll scorch earth before I let him feel embarrassed about being who he is. So today was the last straw.

Halloween is over and witches are so “two years ago.” It’s time to get over yourselves, ladies, and I plan on helping you do so.

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  1. 11.7.12

    Oh, ick. I’m so lucky to not have those witches, b!tches, in my ‘hood. My bus stop peeps have been pretty nice. I’m always there first, too. Come move into my area, girl. I’ll be there with a cuppa something warm to make you feel right at home!!

  2. 11.7.12

    OH tell me you told them: “Halloween is over and witches are so “two years ago.” It’s time to get over yourselves, ladies, and I plan on helping you do so.”

    That’s good!

    Women can be so catty – I’m sorry they are treating you & your son badly.

    Lacey @ And They Call Me Mommy

  3. 11.7.12
    Shell said:

    So, so frustrating!

    Wasn’t it water that defeated the witch? a nice big cold bucket of water sounds good right about now…

  4. 11.7.12
    Jennifer said:

    Go for it! I wish I was there to help you take them down.

  5. 11.7.12
    SuzyQ said:

    No way! Someone who feels the same way I do. Just found your blog and now I will definitely follow it.

  6. 11.7.12

    Ha! I love all these comments. Thank you, ladies. I’m hoping things will improve soon, but the only person I can change is me. Decided that I may just need to start toughening up and be more of a Mama Bear. I love all the encouragement from you. It’ll keep me motivated.

  7. 11.7.12
    BNM said:

    Just kill them with kindness and if that doesnt work trip them LOL idk I dont have any advice but I hate when women act so catty towards each other good luck

  8. 11.15.12

    They must have sad lives to be so miserable. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with you?
    Crazy people.