Take a Road to Nowhere

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As we all wind down the year, and reflect on what we’ve accomplished, we tend to get hard on ourselves. Life happens all around us, and while we are intent to get things done, whittle down the to-do lists and be present for it all, we miss out. It’s a fact: planning to be a million places at once means that you will miss out on being at a million other places. 2012 has been life-changing for my family and I, and it’s because we made sure to get lost.

The year started with us being apart. Me across the world fighting a war, my husband working and being Mr. Mom when needed, and my kids spending more time at their grandparents house than in their own. It was my literal duty to not get lost where I was. Someone needed to know where I was at all times; I needed to be constantly accountable. Whether it was signing in at work, at a computer lab, at the gym or even at the cafeteria, Big Brother always had dibs on me. It’s stifling to live this way. 

Not being able to wander is bad for the soul. 

I can’t (and don’t want to) imagine how mu free-spirited kids felt during that time. By March, we all needed to reboot our year. We took a road to nowhere.

The husband and I went on a trip with friends for 5 days to celebrate my birthday, promising not to plan a single thing once we got there. We enjoyed our rental home, the beach in front of it, and the essence of just being. I started my 30th year being content with not having a plan. When we returned, we allowed the kids to predict how we spent our time together. Some days it was watching a favorite movie, and on others it was at the park, at a store, or even playing games together. And of course, there were road trips, with no destination in sight. 

By taking the road we’ve never ventured, in business and family life, 2012 has been one of our best years to date. I’ve been taking a Nowhere Road when it comes to this blog, just writing when I want, about what I want, and I’ve attracted some great readers. In my relationships, I’ve been enjoying the adventure rather than planning where the destination will be. Friendships have been dissolved in the process, but I attained even better ones, while strengthening the others. I got lost and gained myself.

Go get lost for awhile. 

The year isn’t over yet and neither are you. Find a road you’ve always wanted to walk and get going. I can’t wait to see where it takes you.

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  1. 12.6.12
    Lucrecer said:

    Such a good point about taking the pressure off ourselves. Especially when it comes to blogging.

  2. 12.6.12

    What a wonderful feeling! It must be such a joy to be able to travel your own path and enjoy this time with you family.

  3. 12.6.12

    My children use to tease me because I would take a back road to Tampa Fl to visit them instead of the turnpike. When I began sharing all my sightings of a lovely and humors stories that occurred on my travels they realized I was the smart one.

  4. 12.6.12
    Gena said:

    This is great advice! We all gotta remember to take a different path sometimes!

  5. 12.6.12

    And that is why every year, my family has a HUGE family campout. We all go to the woods for a full week. There are no schedules, no plans (except meals that is because we are literally out of civilization for a week..we have to have some planning) and it’s all about taking down time adn relaxing.

    We shoot the breeze, play games, and just do what we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it. It is such a refreshing adventure. It started with my mom and her 2 sisters. It grew into including all the children, and now that us kids are all grown; we all love to go back; so we bring our children! We’ve had to find a bigger campsite to allow for all of our tents now; but it is what we all look forward to every year! MY kids can’t wait until next summer to do it again.

  6. 12.6.12


  7. 12.6.12
    The Frugal Greenish Mama said:

    I love your post. Sometimes it is best to just let it be and go with it! Loved it!

  8. 12.13.12

    I have been in awe of you for some time. I thought I was a master juggler, but you beat me ten fold. You are right—sometimes we have to step back and take it all in. I hope that 2013 will be a continuation of your good blessings & wonderful spirit.