#VlogMom- 3 essential beauty products

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This week on VlogMom, Erica from No Sleep Til College asked us what 3 products we needed to put on our face before heading out the door? Since I am constantly running behind, I’ve had this routine figured out for quite a while. And with the introduction of BB Cream, my life has become even easier in the morning. Check out the video to see what a typical (late) morning looks like when I’m getting all gussied up.

If you could only use 3 products each morning, which ones would you pick?

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  1. 12.13.12

    Oh shoot…soem mornings I can’t even fit in Three! Lotion is a MUST…my face gets far too dry here with our winter weather.
    Lipbalm/gloss and if possible some great mascara.

  2. 12.13.12

    Oh I couldn’t live without my MAC powder, deodorant and toothpaste 😉

  3. 12.13.12

    I would use the lipgloss.

  4. 12.13.12
    Amber K said:

    I can’t wait to check back and see some great vlogs!

  5. 12.13.12
    Tiffany said:

    Mascara, lip gloss/chapstick and a bit of blush! That’s pretty much all I ever wear anyway. 🙂

  6. 12.13.12
    erica said:

    I love your videos. They are so easy to watch! You are so creative! Cute video!

  7. 12.14.12

    Your tips are great…love lipgloss!

  8. 12.14.12

    I am totally going to try that BB cream. I am not a foundation girl, but you sold me! BTW, your grinch jammies ROCK!!

  9. 12.14.12

    Thanks Kelli! I hate wearing foundation as well, but BB cream is fantastic. It’s made for people that don’t like doing all the steps of getting a great foundation base. Thanks for the compliment on the jammies! My mother-in-law got them for me last year lol

  10. 12.17.12
    Te Espi said:

    I just discovered that same BB cream and O-M-G! Love it. I use that, a little bronzer and some tinted lip-gloss and I am what I like to call FFF (Full Face Fabulous) LOL