3 Frugal Date Night Ideas for Winter

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Check out these 3 frugal date night ideas for winter. Number 2 is so clever!

It is officially freezing outside. I mean, it’s super cold people! While it may be below 32 degrees outside, this is the perfect time to work on the heat within your relationship. Winter holds a special place in the hearts of The Husband and I; since we married in the winter of 2005, we always seem to become very nostalgic about our time together when the temperature goes down. We love to go out and do things together, celebrate our connection and date like normal couples. The problem? Time and money. We seem to not have either when it comes to “date night.” But here are 3 ideas for frugal date nights that you can experience in 2 hours or less. So, call the babysitter and tell her she’s on call this weekend and that it’ll take less time than a full screening of Forrest Gump!

“Blind” Date
Here’s the deal: Have your husband/spouse get dressed first. Once the babysitter arrives, have them go out and give you time to dress up. If they are wise, they’ll use this time to grab a rose or bouquet of flowers from the supermarket. Instruct your spouse to ring the doorbell when they return and let the babysitter open the door while you get ready. Come down the stairs in a knockout winter outfit that you shopped from your closet.
Why this rocks: We obviously can’t have a real “blind date” after being in a relationship for years. But, this allows you to feel excitement that you used to feel before a big date when you were younger or early in the relationship. Your spouse will feel butterflies when they ring the doorbell and you’ll feel them when you hear it from the bedroom. Top off the night by going out to dinner(or lunch!). Use a Groupon deal and try out a restaurant new to the both of you.

Fun at the Arcade
Here’s the deal: Let’s put that saved change to good use! Find out where your local arcade is located and go out on the ultimate teenage date. Play air hockey, find a fun shoot-em-up game you can play together or have your spouse use the claw (The Claw!) to get you a cute teddy bear. Be 16 again.
Why this rocks: Games immediately make a date lively and when you can play them together, without the kids wanting to do the same, you feed the youth in yourself. They’ll be some friendly competition between the two of you and it’s all done with pocket change. Keep it eternally frugal and adolescent by grabbing a few slices of pizza from your favorite local shop on your way home.

Drugstore Duel
Here’s the deal: This is the coolest of the cool when it comes to quick, fun, and frugal dates. You and your spouse get 30 minutes and 10 dollars each to spend at your local drugstore. The idea is to by each other gifts! Find the cutest, sweetest, funniest and oddest trinkets to buy for your Love. Take your bags of gifts with you to a local coffee shop or bakery and exchange them over lattes and cupcakes. Make sure to share WHY you chose the things you did.
Why this rocks: This is a great way to get your mind working and a clever way to show your spouse that even everyday items you find at the drugstore remind you of their spirit. They’ll be lots of chuckles during the exchanging of gifts, and we all know that laughter is one of the best parts of a healthy relationship. Also? Giggles keep you warm. They do. It’s science!
BONUS: Can’t get a babysitter? Have your spouse run out to the drugstore first, keeping the 30 minute time limit. Then, when they come home, you go. When you return, make 2 hot cocoas, pull out the cookies and exchange your gifts while snuggled up on the couch.

I hope these few ideas will help you get out this wintry weekend and enjoy the presence of each other.
Have other ideas for frugal date nights in the winter? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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  1. 1.25.13
    Kelsey said:

    Ha love this!! The blind date one is too cute!!

  2. 1.25.13

    Great ideas! I particularly love Fun at the Arcade! Air hockey is one of my favorites.

  3. 1.25.13

    The Blind Date idea is so cute. I haven’t had my husband “pick me up” on a date since I was 16.

  4. 1.25.13

    Aww, I love the drugstore idea because I know I would be surprised by what my husband brings home. However, I doubt I could eever get him to agree to this, sadly.

    The arcade date sounds more like his speed.

  5. 1.25.13

    Oh my so cute! Love that blind date idea, I would never have thought of that!! (BTW, I tried to click your rss, but it doesnt seem to be working, I was trying to subscribe!)

  6. 1.25.13
    Nicki said:

    Great ideas. When my hubby and I were dating we used to have soup and sandwiches nights. We would get some soup on sale at the supermarket and get things to make different sandwiches and go home prepare it and watch movies from our collection. Cheap and super fun.

  7. 1.26.13

    Love these ideas…my hubby loves stuff like this so I will give them a try. We have date night every Friday since our kids are all grown and we can leave them happily with a frozen pizza and a six pack of sprite. 🙂

  8. 1.26.13

    Great ideas. Visiting you from the SITS link-up.

  9. 1.26.13

    Love these ideas. Especially the blind date. I would love to have a date night but this takes it to another romantic level…love this idea.

  10. 1.26.13

    This was such a good article.The date tips you suggested were really terrific because they were interesting, fun, and cute. I will try some of these at our house!

  11. 1.26.13

    Great ideas. They’re fun and frugal – just like you!

  12. 1.26.13

    These are great ideas — I especially love the arcade night!!

  13. 1.27.13
    Brandi said:

    Okay, now! I am definitely doing the blind date! I love it!!!

  14. 1.27.13
    xtraleo said:

    Very cute ideas. Hubby and I also got married in December so I here ya on the nostalgia. I think we’ll have to give the blind date idea a try. Thanks for sharing. Andrea @ be-quoted.com

  15. 1.28.13

    How cute!!! Thanks for sharing these fun, frugal ideas.

  16. 1.28.13
    Sheri said:

    Love these ideas, especially number one!

  17. 2.20.13

    Great ideas! I stumbled the post for you, I hope it give you some extra traffic 🙂