1. This is such a neat idea! There are so many things I would tell my teenage self. High school was so long ago, and I’ve learned so much over the years that I wish I knew back then.

  2. I enjoyed your video 🙂

    My three things:

    1. You will come into your own with wisdom and confidence

    2. Wait until you fall in love, it will be worth it then.

    3. Regret is awful. Say it. Do it. Live it!


  3. I love your video! It’s great in the beginning how you ask “Just 3?” It’s amazing how plans we make about what we want to be from the time we are 11 can change. Advice that I would give me is to get out and try different jobs while I could, find a job shadowing type program so I could find out what I really wanted to do. I’m thrilled with what I’m doing now and believe everything I did has led me to this point but if I’d had a job shadowing program it might have saved a little angst along the way about hating jobs I had that turned out to not be what I thought they were going to be.

  4. So I subscribed to your blog…you are just the cutest thing ever. This was a great video and I find myself telling my teens just the sort of thing that you talk about in this video…ways I could have not wasted so much time and energy on things that don’t matter in the long run.

    Great journal topic for me today in my personal journal…

    Looking forward to meeting you at BEECH.

  5. 1. Big boobs ain’t that great to have
    2. Floss and don’t eat so much candy — those fillings don’t last forever.
    3. Being “unpopular” (according to my twin and many of my now divorced classmates) isn’t such a big deal if it makes you the nice girl who finds a nice guy and is the one who ends up happily married for all of her adult life (i.e. popularity is highly overrated!).

  6. Great idea and great vlog. Thanks for sharing with us. I think we all know something we could tell our teenage self now. Those are the lessons I hope to share with my daughter and sons so hopefully they don’t make the mistakes I did.

  7. First, love the look of your video!
    Now, loved, loved, loved how you talked to yourself. I’d totally listen!

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