The 2013 Daily Me Challenge

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I don’t like myself. 

OK, that’s a little harsh, but I tend to not view myself in the same light as I would view someone I admire. I also have a very hard time accepting compliments, not because they make me uncomfortable, but because I tend to not believe them. They’re given to me just to be nice, right? No one can really think of me in that light, whether it’s in terms of looks, my writing, my spirit, or anything positive about me? I have bouts where I drink the kool-aid and kind of see what others are viewing, but those times are fleeting. I’ve finally decided that I need to fall in love with myself again and be happy about being me, like I was when I was a child. It’s time to give me a chance.

I feel for my poor husband who always does a wonderful job of making me feel loved, even when I don’t love myself. He’s doted on me since we’ve met and has worked diligently to help me see the beauty in myself. But, admittedly, it’s still very difficult to see what he sees. I owe it to him to try better. To work on my self-image.

I also owe it to my daughter. She’s only 2 now, but before I know it, she’ll be old enough to deal with her own self-image. What kind of role model would I be for her if I can’t see myself in a positive light? Being told you’re beautiful is one thing, but believing in those statements is another. I want to be able to explain that to her and not feel like a complete liar when I do so.

First and foremost, I owe it to myself. No amount of praise from others, model shoots, or pretty hair and dresses can convince me of something that I have to change in my mind. I know that I have to do something, and soon. From what I’ve been told, I’m worth the effort.

So this is my challenge: during the year of 2013, I will document myself. One picture a day of me. Joyful. Melancholy. Exhausted. Real. I’m determined to see myself as I am and find the greatness within that. I want to love my flaws, whether it’s my bulbous lips, the one eye that’s smaller than the other, or the face full of pimples I have to showcase for the day. I have no problem seeing the good in others, but I MUST learn to see the good in me, on the outside as well as in. Each day I’ll post a picture of me on my Instagram account. It may be sweet, it may be ugly, but it’ll be me. I did the whole month of January as an experiment, and I plan to stick with it. I’ll also use the hashtag #DailyMe in order to keep track of my efforts. This may not seem like much to others but this is big for me. 2013 should be the year of celebration, and what better person to celebrate than yourself?

My challenge for you: I know there are plenty of women out there that may feel the same way I do. You don’t think well of yourself, or you do everything for everyone else, but not enough for you. Give yourself a chance. Take a daily picture of you. Find the positive in those pictures. You may want take on the challenge of doing this for the rest of 2013 like me, or you may just give yourself a month of you. Take all of February and devote it to you. Chose to do it during your birth month in honor of your time here on this Earth. Chose you. If you decide to post the pictures through a social media outlet, feel free to use the #DailyMe hashtag. Good Luck…and remember: you are beautiful.

Will you join me in the challenge? Please leave a comment below so we can encourage each other!

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  1. 1.31.13
    Nichole said:

    You *are* beautiful, and more important: You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Which is, of course, something I can never really believe about myself so I hear where you’re coming from.

  2. 1.31.13

    Great post! I think you have touched on a subject that many Women (especially moms) experience but never talk about! Good for you!

  3. 1.31.13

    Such a great goal for the year. It is always such a hard thing for moms and women to do, see ourselves in a more positive light and not view our negatives but also see our good.

  4. 1.31.13

    Love your new challenge, everyone should love themselves above everyone else!

  5. 1.31.13
    Lindsey said:

    Wonderful post – we are our own biggest judge and critic. I think if we all were honest, we’d admit to feeling like you’re sharing more often than not. Good luck in your challenge!

  6. 2.1.13

    I love it! I shared on Google Plus because I think this is a challenge everyone should do. I adore your reasons too. So important for both you and your daughter.

  7. 2.1.13
    Tammilee said:

    Love your challenge! Such an important goal!

  8. 2.1.13

    what a cool way to “see” yourself again!! good for you!! if you don’t love yourself enough–its hard for others to love you

  9. 2.1.13

    We always seem to be our worst critics. I love your challenge and I am working on this myself too.

  10. 2.1.13
    Kathryn Lavallee said:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Good for you! We are all so beautiful and it breaks my heart hearing from women that don’t realize that. You won’t just be helping yourself and your daughter, you may very well be helping them. 🙂 I can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

  11. 2.1.13
    Brandi said:

    This will be life changing. What a great challenge to give yourself, and thank you for thinking of the rest of us as well. I’m in.

  12. 2.2.13
    Rhonda said:

    Girl, you are being negative about your lips. They are gorgeous. You of all people should not sell yourself short. As much as we all hate to do it, turn these statements into positive. Look for the good. My lips are soft, my eyes are a deep lush brown and reflective of my soul. My forehead is clear. You know how much I admire what you do. Do not sell yourself short!! Do a daily affirmation with Priness and say a good thing about you and the same about her. Love ya Rhonda

  13. 2.2.13

    I love this idea! Thank you for reminding us we are beautiful and to fight to see that in ourselves even when we feel that we can’t.

  14. 2.3.13
    Joyce@MommyTalkShow said:

    If we don’t do it for ourselves, we should do it for our children. They look to us in more ways than we know.
    I remember having an especially bad day and I had no one else to talk to but my son.
    I didn’t want to weigh down a 2 year old with my crap, so all I could manage to say was “Mommy made a mistake” or something like that.
    In true loving toddler fashion he responded, “It’s not your fault Mommy.”
    He ministered to my heart that day!

  15. 2.4.13
    Michelle said:

    What a wonderful challenge! I would love to see how this shapes and changes your self-talk throughout the year. I’m so glad you recognize how important this is not only for yourself but so that you can instill that self-love within your daughter as well.

  16. 3.1.13

    I’m actually writing an e-book now about how moms have to remember to put themselves as a priority since we sometimes get lost in all that mommyhood! I like your post! Self worth is everything! self -love and self-esteem are great qualities to pass to your daughter!