Ask A Military Chick – Sexual Harassment, Makeup and Bling

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It’s time for another Ask a Military Chick video! The last video was such a success that I knew I had to continue doing this. The questions have been rolling in and I have been working to get the videos recorded. Today’s video is answering 3 new questions:

How much social media access do you have when you are deployed or active duty?

Are you allowed to wear “bling” with your uniform?
Asked by Tricia from Southern Spark

Do you find Sexual Harassment to be an issue to be dealt with?
Asked by Anissa from Free Anissa

How do you deal with being a “girly girl” in the military?

Take a peek at the video for all of the answers.
Do you have any questions you’re dying to ask a “Military Chick”? Feel free to leave them in the comments below and I’ll feature them in the next video!

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  1. 2.19.13
    Jeannette said:

    Great video and interesting questions! I always wondered some of those things as well!

  2. 2.19.13

    I love that you are answering peoples questions! What a great video! My brother is in the Marines and I remember both times he was in Afghanistan he couldn’t not use Facebook at all. Thanks for the ‘inside’ on being a woman in the military!

  3. 2.19.13

    What a great idea for a video! Loved the questions and answers, it was great getting a peak behind the scenes. You are so cute and charismatic! Looking forward to more videos!

  4. 2.19.13

    Thanks for posting this video and answering the questions. Very interesting!!

  5. 2.19.13

    Thanks! It’s so interesting to get insight from a woman actually in the military.

  6. 2.20.13
    Carla said:

    This is so awesome! My brother in down at Lackland AFB finishing up BMT…he graduates March 1!! GO AIR FORCE!!

  7. 2.20.13

    Such an interesting video!

  8. 2.21.13

    Ahem…WORLD’S FINEST NAVY REPRESENTING! Now that I have that out of the way, great video! I realized that the military was GREAT for me since I didn’t like wearing jewelry anyway and HATED earrings, so only being able to wear the silver or gold studded balls was fantastic.

  9. 2.21.13
    Linda Roy said:

    I have that “guy mentality” too. That was a good way to describe it; it’s in our heads sometimes and it works its way out of our mouths. haha And my dear, you don’t need makeup. I like your cute haircut! I like this vlog series; it’s interesting to get your perspective as a woman in the military.

  10. 2.23.13
    Brandi said:

    This is a fantastic series! I’d love to learn more about basic training. What was it really like for you as a woman? Were there any women with severe menstrual problems that had extra challenges? How often did you communicate with your family?

  11. 2.23.13

    This is a nice feature so that non-military people can get a little peek inside your world. Thanks for sharing.

  12. 2.23.13
    DJrelAt7 said:

    What do you use to edit your video? They are awesome! Question: In the process of becoming a peraon in the military did you have people rakking you out of it? How did your friends and family take it. Were you cheered on? I feel that while we want our young women to believe they can do anything, there is still a strong presence that tries to tell us otherwise.

  13. 2.24.13

    Love this series!!! Looking forward to you sharing your experiences as a military chick 🙂

  14. 2.24.13
    Rachee Fagg said:

    First, thank you for serving our country.

    Second, I love your videos. They are always so creative and fun.

    Third, what DJ said.

  15. 2.25.13

    Is it easier being natural vs. having a relaxer for military women?

  16. 2.27.13
    DJrelAt7 said:

    typo in my comment … did you have people talking you out of joining. (NOT rakking)