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There’s a stigma in the American culture that has hit hard. We’re not paying enough attention to family. We’re content in viewing, and judging, the family lives of the rich and famous but decide to neglect the family that’s right in front of our faces. We’re raising children on TV rather than our own.

This may be a little harsh in wording. I may be taking it to a higher level than it may be, but it worries when when I see teenagers or young adults fawning over the Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, while they’re ignoring their own younger siblings, nieces, nephews and baby cousins. Everyone is up in arms about the pregnancies of Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson but has no plans to plan a baby shower or even congratulate a family member with child. Have we finally given up on our blood? Or are times so tough and uncertain that it’s easier to root for the familiarity of fame than family?

Today, Sunday the 17th, we’ve lost yet another Mother due to life’s tragic situations. Mindy McCready, a wonderful Country Singer, Mother, and tortured soul decided to take her life. For years she’s struggled with keeping sober, keeping sane and keeping afloat. What strikes me as sad is that her children have had to suffer along with her. I see family and friends popping up left and right to confirm her death, but were they with her when she was drowning in addiction? How about a few months ago when the love of her life died and reports were placing the blame on her? Will they now be there for these two precious boys that are now orphans? 

We have to turn back to the simplicity of life. Family takes care of family, no matter what. Let’s make an effort to turn off the TV for a while and call that family member you’ve wondered about for the past few months. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. 2.18.13
    Theresa said:

    So sad…

  2. 2.18.13

    You’re right about our addiction to celebrity and celebrity babies.
    Mindy McCready has been suffering for awhile and the pressures of her fiance’s death definitely made it worse.
    All we can do now is pray for her sons.

  3. 2.18.13

    Unfortunately, I think Mindy’s situation was a long time coming. I have followed her highs and lows and she really struggled and just did not get the help she needed. It did not surprise me when I heard the news last night, but being someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, my heart aches for her family – more importantly for her little boys. The youngest lost both of his parents in the span of a month to what they are saying was suicide. Breaks my heart.

  4. 2.18.13

    what a waste and so sad since she was in the prime of her life!

  5. 2.18.13
    Brandi J said:

    This is real. We have to take care of our families. Our in real life families.

  6. 2.18.13

    Well said. It is so important to be a community in so many ways. Success as a society is incumbent on the fact that we all care for each other and help each other.

  7. 2.18.13

    I agree with you in that many of us are very attuned to the goings on of the famous and so called famous that one would almost think that they were our own family. I also agree that it has become a way to tune out of our own life and troubles. Common sense must now prevail and common sense says if we do nothing about our situation it will not only not get better it will deteriorate even further. If we start to put work into our family and friends events it too will be exciting and fun but most of all it will be fulfilling something tv actors or pseudo actors cannot give.

    Ms. McCready’s suicide is sad and unfortunate. I feel for her children and I am again reminded that depression and addiction are sisters. Either one can precipitate the other and the outcome can be devastating. It is my biggest fear to leave my child without a mother. I pray that all will be well with these boys and most of all I pray that this will not be carried on to another generation. If we must look at the stars and their lives, this look is a very real and unglamorous look that can really do a lot to help us.

    Thanks for this article Amiyrah. Great job!

  8. 2.18.13

    Unfortunately, having family that genuinely cares and is concerned about each other’s health and well-being, without any ulterior motives or drama–is a very, very rare find nowadays. It’s so sad and my thoughts and prayers are with her children in their loss.

  9. 2.19.13

    I ditto what Melissa said. It’s very sad actually. It’s like we prefer to drown ourselves with everything but what really matters – one of which is family. And who suffers? The kids… 🙁

  10. 2.20.13
    DJrelAt7 said:

    Very true …it shouldn’t take a tragedy to be involved in a family member’s life …good for you and thank you for the reminder

  11. 2.21.13

    Unfortunately you can’t be caring without being viewed as being a hater or nosy. And I’m talking about really caring about your family member, not just going around to collect the newest dirt and whatnot. It’s a sad day in America for sure.

  12. 2.21.13

    So very sad – need to take care of ourselves and our families!

  13. 2.21.13

    Family is a top priority in my home. Not just in my home but with my mother and in-laws as well. Not every member of my family values close connections but you just keep reaching out to them.

    I’m so glad I’ve chosen not to raise my children on television and constantly talk about celebrity gossip. That junk is just not my cup of tea. Plus I have a wonderful family in my home that I’m more concerned with. So Modern Family, Scandal, RHOA, and all that other junk doesn’t appeal to me. I am not raising a household of mindless kids raised off of boob tube man-tanning. Family really have to get focused and get their priorities on track. Strong families = a strong nation of future leaders.

  14. 2.23.13

    This was a good article. I watch very little television, not by choice, by my children being in love with Sponge Bob so I miss a lot of the celebrity drama and intrigue. I am glad for it. It allows me to concentrate my activities, attentions and efforts on my family and helping them realize that they are the only starts I ever need to see.

  15. 2.24.13

    This was one of those “OUCH” moments while reading this. You touched on so much and all was right on. Many of us (yes, including myself in with the guilty) know the ins and outs of our favorite celebrities’ lives and movements but know little to nothing about our family. Definitely something to reflect on!

  16. 2.24.13
    Rachee Fagg said:

    Well said!
    I am guilty of this and going to work on making my family a priority.
    Going to have the family over for a movie night.