Happy Valentine’s Day! (A day in pictures and videos)

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Since this “day of love” is so close to the husband and my wedding anniversary, we love to have experiences with the kids instead of giving gifts. I decided that today, I’ll use this post to show pictures of how our day progresses so you can experience it with us! So, make sure to check back periodically today and see what pictures I’ve added to the post. 

First up, our morning breakfast! I decided to get up a little earlier and make heart-shaped pancakes for the kids and I. The one above is the big heart…just for Mama. I also posted a vine video with Sonny. So cute!

Thinking of wearing this lipstick from Wet N Wild for our date night in tonight. The name fits!

I couldn’t help it. I resisted these dang doughnuts the whole time they were selling them, but I caved today. The chocolate one is for my little chocolate boy.

The girl and I went for a quick trip to the Wegmans 2 towns over. My plan is to make a bistro meal at home tonight for just the husband and I. Grabbed a porterhouse, shrimp, scallops, carrots and strawberries all for under 28 bucks. At the steakhouse, all of this would have been over 100 bucks without drinks! 

Here’s the dinner. Hubby surprised me by buying a new tablecloth, candles, and candlesticks! He’s a sneaky one, that guy. We had 2 buck chuck (Trader Joe’s wine) in the fridge so we added that to the meal. It was delicious.

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  1. 2.15.13
    Brandi said:

    Oh my word, that dinner looks luscious!!!! I’m glad you had a great day!