It’s like getting married…

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The 6 days between Valentine’s Day and our wedding anniversary are always filled with love, peace, anticipation and excitement. February 20th is the day that I married my best friend, and had the quickest and loveliest wedding where only the closest family, friends and loved ones celebrated us. It was magical.

I always feel like a Princess on these days, remembering how I felt just 8 short years ago. I’d see him everyday back then, we planned our wedding together and within those 6 days, I felt like I was falling in love with him all over again. I’d take his last name. I’d bear his son, and later his daughter, but those days, I just knew that having him was enough. Having him was amazing. Having him was a blessing. Still is and it forever will be. 

On the 6 days before February 20th, It’s like getting married all over again. I’m young once more. Somewhat incomplete and nervous. Remembering that one day, very soon, my fairy tale will begin again for another year.


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  1. 2.17.13
    Linda Roy said:

    This is so sweet, Amiyrah. Happy anniversary to you both and many more happy years.

  2. 2.17.13

    That was really beautiful. Gosh. That post is all you need to give him for the perfect anniversary gift a few days from now.

  3. 2.17.13

    Awww! How sweet! I hope you have many happy years ahead.

  4. 2.18.13
    Alex M said:

    Warm wishes to you at this special time. I met my guy around this time 28 years ago. We’ve spent more of our life together than we have apart — and I think we’re only halfway through it. All of your years will be special. That much is obvious!

  5. 2.18.13

    You can feel the love in your writing on this post. Thanks for sharing that with us. And happy anniversary too!

  6. 2.19.13
    Tricia O. said:

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much fun it was to be THE BRIDE. It felt good. I felt young and as if the world were at our feet. I miss that sometimes.