Motivational March – Dream, Believe, Make it Happen

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I’ve been making myself dream more. I daydream at least twice a day, and before I go to bed, I’ll think of amazing and out of the ordinary experiences I’d love to have the next day. I’ve been doodling, making wish lists and fantasizing about the most off-the-wall things. It’s been a real blessing.

It was just a year ago that I came home from deployment and decided that my husband and I (along with our friends) needed a tropical vacation. I dreamed up that trip during our last weeks abroad and it was needed. It turned out to be the trip that encouraged us to save more aggressively for retirement. Through that one trip, we found exactly where we want to retire.

Last year, I also dreamed big when it came to my blogging and writing. I decided it was time to write a book. I listed all of the conferences I’ve ever wanted to attend, I dreamed about being invited to some of the coolest events in NYC and being put on the “big” PR lists where more successful bloggers are listed.

Yesterday, I finally realized that all of my dreams, the ones I believed in from the start, the ones I saw as a mirage on my office wall while I worked, have come true. 

My family and I have been invited to the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Conference. It will be our first Disney trip with two kids in tow, and I know that this will boost my motivation for writing and making a difference in the world. Also? This conference was at the top of my list that I made last year. I visualized my family enjoying the parks. I saw me sitting at a table with some of my favorite bloggers, listening to speakers that were hand-selected by the Disney Social Media staff. I saw my kids giggling on The Mad Tea Party. I even saw the video I would make to tell them that we’re going to Disney World. I dreamed, I believed and my mind made it happen.

So, this is your motivational assignment for the week: write down your dreams. No matter how silly you think they are, write them down. Daydream about those dreams today and the rest of the week. Before you lay down for bed, imagine yourself doing at least one of your dreams. Believe in those dreams and you’ll make them happen.

Want to know more about Motivational March? Check out this post. See you next week for another installment and assignment.

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  1. 3.7.13
    Kelsey said:

    Love this! I always try and reach for my biggest dreams, if you don’t then they can’t come true!!

  2. 3.7.13

    Isn’t it amazing how the things we focus on and imagine and believe WILL come true; actually do? Congrats on your accomplishment to attend the Disney Social Media Mom conference!

  3. 3.7.13

    My husband and I were seriously talking about it the SAME day that going to Disney would only happen with this magical opportunity!

  4. 3.7.13

    Oh I’m just so happy for you Amiyrah! You are proof if you set your mind to it, it will come! This is your time, just relish in your hard work paying off. I love the idea of Motivation March. I have a dream that I only told my hubby at the beginning of the year, it’s a very lofty one, but just a couple weeks ago I got one step closer to it than I could have ever imagined. I totally believe in dreaming big, the universe will rise up to meet it. πŸ™‚

  5. 3.7.13
    Amanda said:

    Congrats on being invited! This is number one on my blogger’s list of accomplishments also! I can’t wait to hear about this year’s conference through all those that were invited!

  6. 3.7.13

    You are such and inspiration. I love that it is OK to dream. I love that you had a plan and you PUT IT IN ACTION. I I have a Disney dream too! I blog so that my family can go on vacation. Disney (and beyond!) is the goal. I blog to share my knowledge. I blog to meet awesome bloggers, such as yourself. Tweet it up in disney! I will be following along!

  7. 3.7.13
    Dee said:

    Wow Amiyrah! So glad to see this dream come true for you and for your family. What a blessing! Can’t wait to read your tweets from the conference and read about it on your blog

  8. 3.7.13
    Brandi said:

    Yes, Ma’am! If you don’t believe it for yourself, why would you be blessed with it. LOVE THIS POST!

  9. 3.9.13
    nidena said:

    It’s so exciting to see how far you’ve come since we all met on the Grocery Challenge half a decade ago. πŸ™‚ Keep on typing, chica.

  10. 3.9.13

    What I liked most about your daydreaming is that you do not stop with the dream, you also take action to make your dreams become reality. I am very happy for all the successes you are having. I hope you continue to dream and dream big!

  11. 3.9.13

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. My husband and I live to dream. Dreams do come true. Every single thing that we want to happen in our lives we make a Dreams List, from finances to home remodeling, to vacations, whatever we want, we make a Dreams List, and it is so exciting. I’m loving what u do and wish you the best in life for you and your family.

  12. 3.10.13
    Jennifer said:

    If you want to join some God-sized Dreamers…I highly recommend I have read her book, and I am a blogger with her God-sized dreamers. We link up every Tuesday! Check her site for more details. Good work. I found you through a twitter friend!

  13. 3.11.13

    I like the way you have planed everything. Your dream something and achieving it. That’s a really nice way. Hope luck will follow you !

  14. 3.11.13

    Your family will have a blast!
    I’ve put a few things on my vision board for this year that have already come true. Keeping setting goals and dreaming!

  15. 3.11.13
    DJrelAt7 said:

    Wow congrats on having one of your visions come true, visualization is a great tool to pull those things into our life that we want … if we can dream it, it will come! Thanks for sharing your experience with us and I’m more motivated to grab by gratitude book.

  16. 3.20.13
    Maria S. said:

    Congratulations! You and your family are going to have the experience of a lifetime! Enjoy every minute of it. I can’t wait to see all of the updates from you and other attendees this year. Also, thank you for serving our country.