Motivational March – Look To Your Peers

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There’s something to be said about having a tribe. A group of like-minded individuals that understand where your heart lies and what you are trying to accomplish on a daily basis. People that are on a journey with you, and will always encourage and motivate you.

The best thing is, if you just sit still and wait, your tribe will come to you.

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Looking to your peers for inspiration and motivation is a great way to ensure that you’ll stay on your positive path. Your greatest friends and confidantes will immediately take the role of an accountability partner, asking you how you’re doing with your goals, or even being a great example for you. I’ve gotten very lucky in that I’ve found a great tribe online and offline. My trip to Non Conference back in October solidified my tribe, and my goals. I found my people. Not only did I find them, but they accepted me with open arms and lots of ideas. I love people like that.

This Thursday, I get to interact with even more of my peers, and people that I admire. I’ll be on my way to Blissdom Conference in Dallas, TX. Not only will I get to see some of my tribe, I get to meet bloggers, writers, and all around amazing people. I’ll get to hug Lucrecer. I’ll be in the same room as Danielle. I just might get to dance it up with Jenny. And if I’m lucky, I may have some conversations with these ladies I adore. These are the peers I look to for prime examples of positive, poignant blogging and how to create quality content. They are also women I aspire to be like when I “grow up” in this blogger lifestyle.

So this is your assignment for this week: pay attention to your peers. Find the ones that inspire you and you aspire to be like. Tell them how they make you feel and, if you’re ready to take that step, find out if they will help you be accountable. It’s time to get moving and find your tribe!

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  1. 3.19.13

    I like the idea of an accountability partner. After attending a conference last year I formed an accountability group with two fellow bloggers in the area and it is helping me to stay on track and focus on what I want. At the same time, the responsibility of helping others to achieve their dreams helps me keep my analytical skills sharp.

    I have to look into the stand still and wait for the tribe to come idea. I have always been an active person so when I needed a tribe, I went and got one. Whenever I find I need a tribe for a new area, if there is none, I build it. So your idea of standing still and waiting for the tribe to come is new and interesting to me.

    • 3.19.13
      Amiyrah said:

      I totally understand the “finding the tribe yourself” approach. That’s what I tried to do at first, but because I was so adamant about finding the best one, I didn’t look at the signs saying that maybe this tribe wasn’t for me. Once I decided to just let God bring the tribe to me, I found not one, but 2 tribes that are the perfect fit for me. There is no way I could have done that on my own. God always has a better plan :).

  2. 3.19.13

    I have learned so much from my blogging peers. I would still be lost on blogger in the dark ages without them.

    • 3.19.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Same here! It’s so great to find writers that have the same goals as you, and are willing to help you at any time!

  3. 3.19.13
    Susan said:

    Great post, really gets you thinking.

  4. 3.19.13

    I hope well I know you will have a fabulous time!! Looking forward to hear how it goes for ya!!

  5. 3.19.13

    I’m headed to Blissdom too, so I hope to have the chance to meet you! I agree that there are some absolutely wonderful people in our community.

    • 3.19.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Can’t wait to meet you Liz!

  6. 3.19.13

    Love this! I have two awesome blogger buddies that we are a great support system and accountability team <3

  7. 3.19.13
    Lucrecer said:

    OH! I can hardly wait to finally meet you in person. Yay!!!

  8. 3.20.13

    Let’s be clear… I’m expecting a hug. So thrilled you have found a tribe. Can’t wait to see you.

  9. 4.2.13
    Andrea said:

    I am just seeing this now, but I love this post. So very very much. <3

    • 4.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Andrea!