To A’Driane, My Friend…

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Hello Gorgeous! 

Well, this is it. It’s your wedding week. As you may have noticed by now, all of your online bridesmaids are very excited about your big day. And as you already know, we love you dearly. 

I can remember the first time I encountered the fantastic entity that is A’Driane Dudley. It was during a PPD chat on twitter, I’d been down most of the week and had just discovered the hashtag. What I found was a beautiful group of women being supportive, inspirational and humorous, if need be. You were the first person that said hello to me. And though I couldn’t see you, I felt your smile and your warmth through your tweets. Through you, I was able to find even more women to bond with, who understood the “weirdness” that was going on in my head, and had no intention of judging me. You opened the door to the biggest online “net” that would catch me if I fell. I have to thank you for that.

I also have to thank you for being such a light in my life. Your attitude and passion towards life, the betterment of yourself and others, and your writing, inspires me to no end. You are intelligent, kind, hilarious, beautiful and non-apologetially you. Whether we’re talking music, kids, libations, or childhood experiences, I feel a connection to you, and I’m so proud to call you my friend.

This week, remember to stop and smile. Laugh with Bert. Hug the kids. Know that you’ve come a long way and are about to start a journey that will be fulfilling, fun, difficult at times, but so meant for you. You deserve a great day. You deserve a great life. And guess what, my friend? It’s all coming true.

I love you almost as much as Prince,


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  1. 3.5.13

    What a beautiful tribute. Thanks so much Amiyrah, for celebrating. I’m SO glad that we got connected through A’Driane!

  2. 3.6.13

    I had so many tears while reading this, as you took me back and helped me remember how our friendship has evolved into what it is now. Like I mentioned on Twitter, I’m fully convinced we are long lost sisters or were in another life (if that reincarnation stuff is real!). You have such a beautiful presence and your smile always lifts my spirits. Your daily affirmations and constant encouragement keep me going. I’m always learning something from you, and I’m so grateful for you girl. SO very grateful.

    Thank you for choosing to celebrate this special time in my life in this way and for everything else you’ve deposited into my life. Truly.

  3. 3.11.13
    DJrelAt7 said:

    A’Driane Dudley is awesome and she is a great writer … she touches many with her words and her story …