How to Write an Invitation

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This is a quick post about how to write an invitation. Better yet, how to write  GOOD party invites. I know many of you know how to write an invitation in the most basic way, but sometimes we tend to leave out key information. This particular “tutorial” will focus on invites for birthday parties and more casual events, especially if you are saving money by doing them yourself.

how to write an invitation, invitation, birthday invite, homemade invitation

The Who
Yes, you should openly say who the party is for. This may seem silly, but I have to admit receiving homemade invitations and not really understanding who the party is for. “Becky’s throwing a party! Get ready for fun!” Well, that tells me who’s throwing the party but not who the party is for. Be specific.
“Becky’s throwing her own birthday party! Get ready for fun!” Much, much better.

The What
What are we celebrating? This can be as direct as you want it to be, or you can make it indirect. Just make sure the point comes across:

Mr and Mrs Granger would like to invite you to celebrate the high school graduation of their daughter Hermione.
It’s High School Graduation time! Join us for a party celebrating Wendy’s accomplishment!

The Where
Here is the rule to where: list the full name of the location, it’s full address and what it MAY BE  listed as on google maps or mapquest.
Why is this important? Even though you will include directions in the invitation, you don’t want them to place half of an address in google maps, and end up someplace on the other side of town. Can you imagine getting 20 phone calls all at once from people that are lost 10 minutes before your party because you didn’t know how to write an invitation properly? I can. It’s happened to me. Be meticulous when it comes to location information.

The Why
It may seem like you stated the why in the “what” section, but this is where you get personal with you attendees. Let them know why you sent them the invitation. “We are so proud of our girl, and would love to have you celebrate with us.” It seems like such a little thing, but that one sentence will have them feel honored to get an invite and may persuade them to attend your event rather than one that’s on the same day.

The How
Let them know how to contact you for RSVP. These days, if you are throwing an informal party, place your phone number and an email address where they can RSVP. You can even set up an address just for the event such as Since pretty much everything is done online nowadays, adding an email contact is just smart. Also, it gives the party a fun touch. Your own party email? Heck yeah! Make sure to include a small paper with the invitation that has the directions printed out, as well.

The Standard
“Set the Standard” and tell them exactly how you would like them to dress. If there’s a theme, mention it and encourage them to join in. There’s nothing worse than expecting guests to show up in a theme or costume when you didn’t specify that in the invitation. Here is a picture of the invitations we sent last year:

how to write an invitation, a good invite, homemade invitationOn the invitation I specifically asked everyone to wear their favorite colors since we were doing a rainbow themed party.

Do you have an invitation advice to add to this post? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below. Good Luck!

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  1. 4.15.13
    Nickida said:

    I never pay attention to this at all but these are great tips.

  2. 4.15.13
    Susan said:

    This will be great for an upcoming party, thanks for the tips.

  3. 4.15.13

    I love the tutorial! It’s amazing how many don’t know how to write an invitation. So many things these days are pre-done for us. Thanks for the great post.

    • 4.15.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes Shannon! I’ve been noticing more and more people creating their own invitations lately to save money, but they are leaving out important information. So, I figured someone should make a tutorial about it, even if it’s sort of basic.

  4. 4.15.13

    Hey there!! I think these are some solid tips for writing clear invitations. Nice job and good reminders too.

  5. 4.15.13
    mel said:

    This will be great for my next party! Thanks!

  6. 4.16.13
    Brandi said:

    Fantastic tips! I’m planning my daughter’s 4th birthday right now, so I’m glad that you wrote this at this very moment! 🙂

    • 4.16.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Brandi!

  7. 4.16.13
    Sarah said:

    The address is very important. I have forgotten that in the past. Luckily everyone just showed up at my house…where the party was being held.

  8. 4.16.13
    Kira said:

    I love the “why” section i will start doing that. Thanks for the tips.

  9. 4.16.13

    There is some good advice here! I have to give my husband a BIG party in four years so have bookmarked this post and saved some notes. Thanks for the help.

  10. 4.17.13
    Jennifer said:

    Great ideas! I have actually received an invite that did not have all the necessary info. It was close friends… but still! Can’t forget all the details!

  11. 4.17.13
    Kathleen Kennedy-Leon said:

    Great post. You think it’s common sense but I have gotten invites that didn’t have a date lol

  12. 4.17.13
    Mariah said:

    I always feel intimidated writing my own invitations so I use Pinterest to get inspiration for wording!

  13. 4.17.13

    Great tutorial.

  14. 4.17.13
    Heather H said:

    THE RSVP is what stresses me the most! In the past, I hardly heard from anyone and would have a full house at the party! For my daughter’s 1st birthday bash, I had a lot of custom made favors and decor. Most of the kids came whose parents RSVP’d, however I ended up spending extra money on the four or five who didn’t!

  15. 4.17.13

    I always remember the basics but the reminder about “The Standard” is a great one; I’ve never thought of how important it can be to include that extra line of info! Thanks!

  16. 4.18.13
    Hali said:

    Simple tips that make a difference. :). Thx

  17. 4.18.13

    This is a great list of things to remember for party invitations. Sometimes you have so many things going on at once that you’ll put the generic and vague sounding invitations to the back of the pile.

    • 4.18.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes Arelis! I think that being genuine and specific really does help, especially in the spring and summer when it seems like everyone is having some type of party.

  18. 4.21.13

    One thing I think people need to make clear on invitations is gift suggestions or a wish list.
    I know once we buy our first home (together) I’d like people to bring us things from their home or reused items. It’ll save money and be better for the environment.

    • 4.22.13
      Amiyrah said:

      I think that’s something that can be addressed when they RSVP instead of putting it on the invitation. The key with a great invitation for a casual party is to give pertinent information but not too much. Gift ideas, sizes, etc can be talked about when they call or email you to say that they are coming. I like the idea of people bringing you items from their home!