5 ways to spend less on clothing

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I’ve been on a “great fashion for less kick” lately. I keep finding so many great pieces that would enhance my closet, but I know that there have to be other ways to either attain a new wardrobe for less, or use the wardrobe that I have. When it comes to trends, staple pieces and even accessories, there are ways to save. Here are 5 ways to spend less on clothing.

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1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
There are some gems right in your wardrobe right now. No, really. The best way a frugal fashionista can stretch those outfits is to reuse your items through all seasons. Don’t put those fall and winter cardigans away once the spring weather hits. They can easily be weaved into date night outfits for spring and summer with a cute embellished tank top. Those boots that you were going to put away? Pair them with a cute skirt and graphic tee. On another note, pay attention to items that you didn’t use this past season and just hung in your closet or stayed folded in the drawer. This would be the time to donate to the Goodwill or even try to sell at the consignment shop if they are taking winter items.

2. Shop Online
I see many fashion enthusiasts getting into ordering items online more than ever. With great discount codes and new clothing sites popping up all over the place, online shopping is key. Here’s a tip: measure yourself before ordering. Just like brick and mortar stores, each site will have different sizing. If you’re a 6 on one online store, you may be an 8 on another. Also, make sure to read the reviews for each item!

3. Place your patterns on accessories or trendy cuts
The one thing I love and hate about the change of season are the trends. Trends are exciting, adventurous and also very tedious to keep up with. They can be expensive, as well. The best way to be part of the trend is to keep it prevelant with your accessories. Costume jewelry is a great way to turn a plain outfit into one that is on trend for the season. This season bib necklaces are very “in” and can easily dress up that regular old tee and jeans outfit you love to wear twice a week.

4. Bow down to eBay.
I know that I mentioned online shopping previously, but eBay is a whole other animal. I’ve turned to the biggest bidding site of all time for any piece that I love but can’t afford. It’s very easy: in the search box, place the name of the fashionable piece and hit search. You can get a little more selective by putting in your favorite color, if you choose to. You’ll be able to find that piece of clothing for 50% cheaper (or more) than the price on any other online site. Last year, I found a beautiful mint chiffon dress for 10 dollars. Little did I know mint would be a hot color this year. I’m already ahead of the curve.

5. Create different versions of a uniform
As Moms (and women in general), we tend to stick with what we know and what looks great on us. The best way to save when it comes to creating our “uniform” is to stock up. Once you see that long sleeve shirt you can’t live without on sale, buy 2 in different colors. If those flats are comfortable and the price is right, get a few pair. You never know if you’ll be able to get them at that price again or (gasp!) they get discontinued.

So those are my 5 ways to spend less on clothing! Do you have any tips to share?

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  1. 5.2.13

    Wonderful tips, thank you!!

  2. 5.2.13
    Chrysa said:

    Great tips. One of mine is to shop the clearance section of big-name department stores. That way you can get high quality pieces at very little cost.

  3. 5.2.13
    Mariah said:

    I wish I could shop for clothes for myself online but I am so picky. I have to try things on. But I love shopping online for my son!

    • 5.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Mariah, one of the ways to get around it is to shop at a store that also has a brick and mortar equivalent. If you love a piece online, get it, and end up not liking it, the brick and mortar store will return it for you. Plus, I love trying on clothes in my own home rather than in front of those tricky dressing room mirrors. Ha!

  4. 5.2.13

    These are great tips! I often shop at thrift stores. It seems as though the OLD fashions are coming back in fashion. Like the 70’s and some 80’s and 90’s. SO hit the thrift stores and see if you can find some of those old clothes. They usually are a lot cheaper and yet, in fashion again! And seriously if you have the original, you will be so much cooler to your friends who are dressed to mimic the style. 🙂

    • 5.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Great tip, Amber! I’m a faithful thrift store shopper too. Just a few months ago, I found a vintage dress from the 70s for only 8 dollars! It’s worth way more than that. I can’t wait to wear it this summer!

  5. 5.2.13

    Very helpful tips!

  6. 7.11.23
    Contemporary Jewellery said:

    Nice suggestions! I am looking for the same. Thanks for sharing useful ideas.