Guinness World Records and Clean Teeth

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Less than a week ago, my son and I shared a “first.” It’s a real event when you can share a first experience with your 7 year old son, and realize that this may or may not happen again. It also helps that our “first” was centered around having clean teeth, no cavities and that famous Colgate Smile. Sonny Boy and I got to set a Guinness World Record together on behalf of Colgate and the Make A Wish Foundation.

Colgate has released a new mouthwash, the Colgate Total® Advanced Pro-Shield™ Mouthwash, and wanted to celebrate by breaking a record right in New York City’s Times Square. The event was named “A Wish for a Swish” as Colgate Total teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation to support all of their tireless efforts to make dreams come true. The mission: get 1000 willing persons to swish with the Colgate Mouthwash simultaneously for 15 seconds. We were also armed with the hashtags #ColgateWish and #cbias to get the word out about the event on our social media outlets. Colgate also teamed up with the absolutely beautiful (even from afar) Stacy Keibler to make this event a success.

Colgate Total Guinness World Record

It was a hot day in the city but we bought our Colgate smiles and excitement. We were going to be part of history today! We learned that Colgate had already achieved this record, but in Puerto Rico. This year, they wanted to attain it in the states, and TImes Square was the perfect backdrop.

Colgate Total Guinness World Record

As the sun reached it’s highest peak in the sky, and we all started the melt, the Colgate team announced that we reached the 1000 person mark and were ready to make history. My son was so excited to be apart of this special event, and hasn’t stopped talking about it all week. But the fun wasn’t over just yet. We walked up Broadway and popped into the Times Square Walgreens. There, we purchased our own bottle of Colgate Total® Advanced Pro Shield™ Mouthwash.

Colgate Total Guiness World Record

With my balance rewards card and coupon in hand, my kiddo decided to buy the Colgate Total mouthwash himself. He even picked Spearmint Surge, since it was tinted his favorite color.

Colgate Total Guinness World Record

After we made our purchase, it was time to party! My boy loves to dance, so when I told him there would be a DeeJay at Walgreens to celebrate us breaking a world record, he was all about it. For more pictures of all of our fun, be sure to check out my Google+ album.

Guiness World Records and clean teeth

We had a complete blast during the A Wish For A Swish event, and we made lots of memories. The best part? My son now loves to swish with his new Colgate Total® purchase. I may never have to scare him with stories of cavities again. Maybe.

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  1. 7.1.13

    How fun is that!! Even with all that melty heat, I beat it was awesome! He looks super happy!!

  2. 7.1.13

    What a fun event!! I haven’t heard about this mouthwash before now. Your son is too cute and looks like he had a blast.

  3. 7.1.13

    What a fun record to break while teaching kids about dental health – love it!

  4. 7.1.13

    How cool that you got to be part of history and a world record! That is an awesome way to teach kids about good oral health.

  5. 7.1.13

    That is awesome!! I love that they had so many people there to all swish together! So cool! We love our Colgate, so this makes me super excited. 🙂