How to Make a Rain Stick

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My son loves anything that has to do with science. One day, he decided to ask me what a ravine was. When my explanation wasn’t enough for him, I allowed him to go online and google about it. For the next week, he asked about anything water-related, which ended with him obsessed with with all things that lead to the ocean. He also loves whenever we do science crafts on the weekends or when he has an odd day off from school. This is partly why I have my “Kids Education and Crafts” pinterest board. It’s also why we decided to microwave our Ivory soap last year. I’m constantly looking for new projects for us to do together.

This is an easy tutorial on how to make a rain stick. It's the perfect kids craft for rainy days or summer.
While perusing pinterest a few months ago, I came across a craft that shows how make your own rain stick. My son had the next day off of school and we were expecting rainy weather, so the timing was perfect. This is a simple craft: all you need is an empty water bottle, toothpicks and rice. You can even use broken up spaghetti if you don’t have any toothpicks at home.

How to Make a Rain Stick

One 16oz empty (and dry) water bottle
1/2 cup rice
Half a box of toothpicks

Pour the rice into the bottle. Feel free to use a funnel to make this easier for the kids to do.
Place the toothpicks into the bottle until the bottle is about 2/3 to 3/4 full.
Put the top on the bottle.
When you “pour” the rice through the toothpicks, it will sounds like rain drops!
Need a visual of how to do this craft? Check out this video:

What’s your favorite science craft you’ve done with your kids?

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  1. 6.6.13
    Kristen said:

    What fun! Thanks for sharing and guess what? it’s raining here today!

    • 6.13.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Making a rain stick on a rainy day? You’re a wild woman! lol

  2. 6.6.13
    Susan said:

    My daughter loves to make crafts, we will have to try this, looks fun.

    • 6.13.13
      Amiyrah said:

      That’s great Susan! Let me know how it turns out for you all.

  3. 6.6.13

    Our kids would love to do this during the summer! Thanks so much for a fun project!

    • 6.13.13
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re so welcome, Shannon. I hope they have fun making them this summer!

  4. 6.6.13

    That is such a cool idea! The kids made those in middle school once and I thought they were so neat! I really like how you feed your son’s inquisitive nature!

    • 6.13.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Liz!

  5. 6.28.13

    Hmmm… Sounds messy ;o) Rainy days are messy enough around here, what with all of the jumping in puddles!! I may have to try the microwaving soap though! Thanks! Pinned you forward :o)

    • 6.28.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Ha! It’s not messy at all, Denise. Check out the video ;). Let me know how the soap experiment goes for you!

  6. 4.19.16
    Arlene said:

    Making these with my class today!

    • 4.20.16
      Amiyrah said: