Speedboats and Seadogs

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Starting very early in my teen years, I became a big fan of boats. I can’t decide if it was because I was a minority in an affluent private school and was invited out to yachts left and right, or because I am a true water baby and love anything that has to do with the sea. Either way, I wanted to have my own boat. Well, I wanted to be ON a boat as much as possible. Andy Sandberg and his croonies would have asked me instead of T-Pain to join their adventures:

So when I heard that I’d be able to ride on a speedboat during BlogHer this upcoming July, I squeed. No really, I did. Speedboat riding is one of those rights of passages as an American, especially if you’re an American that watched a ton of Miami Vice.

speedboat cruise, Chicago

Seadog Cruises will be taking a select amount of bloggers on a trip of a lifetime, exploring Lake Michigan and getting an informative tour of the Chicago Skyline is my version of a great time in the Windy City. We’ll be taking the Lakefront Fireworks Cruise, which means lots of booms in our future as well. It isn’t July until you see a bunch of fireworks, and I’ll get to see them twice in a month. God Bless America. Seadog Cruises also offers a Lakefront Speedboat tour, Extreme Thrill Ride, and even a River and Lake Architectural tour. Lots of great options for anyone who’s looking for a unique and exciting event during a summer vacation to Chicago. How awesome would it be to say that you got to tour the Chicago Skyline on a speedboat? You’d feel like Oprah(with all the money) when you say it. I’m pretty sure of it.

Have you ever gone on a speedboat or yacht?

Disclosure: This is a non-compensated post on behalf of Seadog Cruises. All opinions and boat trip excitement are my own.

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