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fun ways to help your kids build character

We have been on a journey to teach our kids how to not only contribute to the workings of our home, but to be helpful outside of the house. As a Mom, you want to raise children that understand how their actions can affect their family, friends, and everyone else in the world, but how can we help develop that mindset? We can create a “chores and achievements” list for them.

During the summer, we created a chore list for my son. He’s always helped out in the house, helping Dad take out the garbage or helping me set the table for dinner. We never actually gave him a real chore list and offered up an allowance. Even though we may be on a tight budget, I still believe that giving an allowance is key to teaching a child responsibility and good money management. The list was small, including items that he has to do everyday, and items that he would only have to do once a week. But, I was determined to have him work on his character as a person as well as contribute to the household chores. This is when I created “achievements.”

help your kids build character while doing "chores"

Achievements are actions that will teach him to bring joy to others around him, which will in turn bring joy to himself. Some of his actions include writing a letter to his grandmother in Ohio, going over to my Mother’s house and helping her with some of her chores, reading a story to his little sister, and so forth. I also added in  a few academic achievements, like writing book reports on the books he checks out at the library. One key difference between the chores and achievements is that he doesn’t get an allowance for his achievements. When an achievement is accomplished, he’s given praise from not only us, but other family members. We’d like him to understand that when you do something helpful for another person, a “thank you” is all that you should expect from the interaction. That “thank you” will make you feel accomplished and important, and that’s all you’ll ever need.

Our goal is to keep this going during his 3rd grade school year, adding in achievements that are more centered around school activities and connecting with his sister when he’s home. It may seem like a small addition to his routine, but I’m hoping that it will yield big results in his life, in the long run.

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  1. 7.31.13

    I like how open to even day of the week is, leaves lots of room for imagination. Great ideas.

  2. 7.31.13

    That is great. It is so important for children to learn how to build character – something we need to teach and model as parents.

  3. 7.31.13

    I love how you’re teaching him to do things for the joy in doing it rather than to expect something in return!

    • 7.31.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you Liz! I want him to understand that rewards aren’t always monetary. The joy of just being a good person can be reward enough.

  4. 7.31.13

    Sounds great and I love that you have a board that you share the progress of your goals!

  5. 7.31.13

    Between my return to the workforce part time and one son getting ready to going to school next month, we are in the midst of learning chores and earning rewards for a good job.

  6. 7.31.13
    Gina B said:

    Good luck! This is wonderful. I wish I could do chore charts, but the kids don’t read well enough and I get tripped up using images, and something that’s nonerasable.

  7. 7.31.13
    Akilah G said:

    That is a good idea! I especially liked the academic achievements.

  8. 7.31.13

    This is a wonderful idea. It teaches children that sometimes you do things not for money, but because it is good to be a good and generous person. This is such a wonderful plan!

  9. 7.31.13
    Lauryn said:

    What a wonderful idea. I think this is so important. I love how you make it a conversation about how a thank you is all you should expect and need after a good deed.

  10. 8.1.13

    This is such a great idea. Having kids who are balance and that give back to their community is vital and important. Great to get them started early!