Natural Hair Challenge with CVS Beauty Club (Giveaway)

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Disclosure: this is a sponsored post on behalf of CVS Beauty Club. The $50 giveaway prize will be provided by CVS. Choices of products and video craziness are my own.

natural hair haul at CVS

I’ve been on a mission to stock up on natural hair products lately. My hair is growing, and my curls are starting to finally show what they are all about so it’s time to start giving more products a go. My only problem is the price of said products. They seem to be so expensive, no matter where I go to purchase them. I’ve kept my eye on CVS when it comes to hair care, and have seen their “natural and relaxed hair” section grow within the past few years. Since I have 3 CVS stores within my neighborhood, it seemed like a logical choice to stop in and see what they had on the shelves. Plus, all natural hair items are included in the totally awesome CVS Beauty Club.

CVS Beauty Club benefits

CVS/pharmacy has the newest beauty products conveniently and affordably located throughout their stores. As a Beauty Club member you save every time you shop with ExtraBucks Rewards. Every $50 spent on qualifying beauty products earns $5 in ExtraBucks Rewards. You can even sign up online. Once you do sign up, you receive a 10% off coupon to use in-store towards your next beauty haul. Don’t you just love receiving coupons just for signing up? Me too!

I focused on products that provided extreme moisture to my curly mane, and have been so pleasantly surprised with my picks. Take a look at which items caught my eye and why:

My favorite pick out of the whole haul wasn’t even in the video. It’s the Grow and Strengthen Serum by Nubian Heritage.

Natural hair haul at CVS

It has Indian hemp, tamanu, bamboo, monoi and garlic extract. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and can see such a difference in the strength of my hair. My breakage has been decreased exponentially. By the way, the secret word in that video was “moisture.” Can you guess how many times I said it? I’ll give you a hint: LOTS.

Would you like to win a $50 CVS gift card and do your own beauty haul? Well, you’re in luck! CVS Beauty Club is giving one of my readers a chance to win. Follow the prompts in the rafflecopter below and start making your beauty wish list. Contest is open to US residents, 18 and older. Winner will be chosen on August 8th, 2013 and notified via email. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. 7.25.13
    Sara said:

    My daughter was just asking about natural hair products and a friend was too! Cannot wait to share your info! I would use this to stock up on both me and my lovey’s hair products!!!

    • 7.25.13
      Sara said:

      oh and yes, yes of course I am a CVS club member!!!

  2. 7.25.13
    Heather Hayes Panjon said:

    Yes! I’m A CVS Beauty Club Member!

  3. 7.25.13
    Kelly D said:

    Yes, I am a CVS Beauty Club Member.

  4. 7.25.13
    Amy Orvin said:

    Yes , I sure am.

  5. 7.25.13
    amy williams said:


  6. 7.25.13
    Shaunicy said:

    I’m not a CVS Beauty Club Member.

  7. 7.25.13
    chistine eldridge said:

    Hello! I love CVS, I love their weekly sales! I take my babies for a walk every weekend to CVS!
    I’m definitely a beauty club member!

  8. 7.25.13
    Madi said:


  9. 7.25.13
    Elis B. said:


  10. 7.25.13
    Cherie Montorio said:

    Yes I am.

  11. 7.25.13
    Angela Sheeler said:

    What great video .. I am SUCH a hair product JUNKIE . I love trying new products because my hair is dry . I like to get perms but my hair just is to dry that I have not gotten one in a while..

    Lol at last line…. Stay Sexy Guy ..

  12. 7.25.13
    stacey said:


  13. 7.25.13
    Ty said:

    Started my transitioning process and enjoying my hair journey!! Would love to have this giftcard to help me get some natural products as a main staple in my hair regimen.

  14. 7.25.13
    latanya said:

    yes, I am

  15. 7.25.13
    Mary said:

    Iā€™m not a CVS Beauty Club Member.

    • 7.25.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Mary, feel free to sign up. It’s free and the benefits are great.

  16. 7.25.13
    Agbeke said:


  17. 7.25.13
    lizzy said:

    No I am not, but would love to be one!

    • 7.25.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Feel free to sign up, Lizzy! It’s free šŸ˜€

  18. 7.25.13
    Rosie said:

    yes I am!

  19. 7.25.13
    kira honesty said:

    Have you tried the au natural line ?

    • 7.25.13
      Amiyrah said:

      I haven’t yet, Kira, but since it’s at CVS it’s on my list to try next.

  20. 7.25.13
    Gina said:

    Yes, I’m a Beauty Club member šŸ™‚

  21. 7.26.13
    Maiya Nicole said:

    I just recently became a beauty member (:

  22. 7.26.13
    Betsy Barnes said:

    Yes, I am a CVS Beauty Club member šŸ™‚

  23. 7.26.13
    krystel said:


  24. 7.26.13
    Angela said:

    Yes I am a CVS Beauty Club Member.

  25. 7.27.13
    Maggie Wallace said:


  26. 7.27.13
    David said:

    We are not members yet. We just moved to the midwest a couple of months ago, so we are still new to CVS.

  27. 7.27.13
    Keir B said:

    Hi, I am not a CVS Beauty Club Member. how do you become one?

    • 7.27.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Keir, just go to and sign up. It’s free!

  28. 7.27.13
    Laura Jacobson said:

    Yes I am

  29. 7.27.13
    Elizabeth Webster said:

    Boy would I life this!!!

  30. 7.27.13
    Deja said:

    OMG I can’t wait to see who’s the winner I’m a CVS member so I’m really excited

  31. 7.28.13
    Ann said:

    yes i am.

  32. 7.28.13
    Britany said:

    Yes, I’m a member! I love CVS šŸ™‚

  33. 7.28.13
    Lameka said:

    No i am not but i would like to be!

  34. 7.28.13
    erin dear said:

    I am not a club member

  35. 7.28.13
    Tiphani said:

    Im about to sign up now

  36. 7.29.13
    Antoinette said:

    I am not currently a club member but after seeing your video I am going to become one! I never thought to go to CVS to get my natural hair products!

    • 7.29.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Neither did I, Antoinette! But, because we spend so much on hair care as natural girls, it just makes sense to use a program like this to get some money back. Great way to save.

      • 7.30.13
        Antoinette said:

        Just signed up!

  37. 7.29.13
    Deb C said:

    I have a CVS shopper’s card but I don’t that is the same thing?

    • 7.29.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Nope, they are two different things. You sign you card up for beauty club rewards online, and with every beauty purchase, you get credit towards your 5.00 Extra Care Bucks. Once you reach 50.00, you get 5.00 back! I hope you sign up :).

  38. 7.29.13
    Vera K said:

    i am not… yet!

  39. 7.30.13
    Trina H said:

    Yes, I sure am!

  40. 7.30.13
    Stephanie Gossett said:

    Yes! I love it!

  41. 7.30.13

    I am a member!

  42. 7.30.13
    Julia said:

    No. But I might need to join.

  43. 7.30.13
    Brittney Rodriguez said:

    Awesome giveaway! Surely hope to win, my hair could sure use it !

  44. 7.30.13
    Rona B said:

    Yes, I am a CVS beauty club member.

  45. 7.31.13
    Stacie said:

    I sure am! I love their deals.

  46. 7.31.13
    SandyN said:

    I’m not a beauty club member. Since we only visit CVS occasionally (don’t have one in our town), I haven’t signed up for it.

  47. 7.31.13
    Kira said:

    Didn’t know CVS had a beauty club – i just signed up. Great info. – thanks for sharing.

  48. 7.31.13
    Ashley S said:

    Yes I am!!

  49. 7.31.13
    Lauren Becker said:

    I am currently not a member

  50. 7.31.13
    Vivian S said:

    No. Not currently.

  51. 7.31.13
    Geraldine Kennedy said:

    I am not a member

  52. 7.31.13
    Kate F. said:

    No, I’m not a CVS beauty club member.

  53. 7.31.13
    Nataly Carbonell said:

    Nope, not yet

  54. 7.31.13
    Arthur Anderson said:

    No but my wife is..

  55. 8.1.13
    Dawn Monroe said:

    Im not yet. Sometimes as a mom the beauty stuff comes second plus I didnt know of it.

  56. 8.1.13

    No but we are getting a CVS much closer to my house in the next month or so! I’ll look into it!

  57. 8.1.13
    Amber said:

    No, but I will look into it.

  58. 8.1.13
    Lisa Brown said:

    Yes I am member already.

  59. 8.1.13
    Elena said:

    Yes, I am a member

  60. 8.1.13
    Danielle said:

    I am now, didn’t know they had a beauty club thanks for sharing!

  61. 8.1.13
    Cindy said:

    No, I do not think so.

  62. 8.1.13
    Diana C said:

    Yes, I love CVS. They have lots of specials all year round on things I need.

    Diana C

  63. 8.2.13
    nicole said:


  64. 8.2.13
    Thomas Murphy said:

    I am not a CVS beauty club member.

  65. 8.2.13
    Cassandra Eastman said:

    No, i’m not. I’ve actually never been to CVS! But we have a lot of new ones that just opened!

  66. 8.2.13
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    yes I am, I love it!

  67. 8.2.13
    Mary Happymommy said:

    I’m not a member yet.

  68. 8.2.13
    Ellie W said:

    Yes I am.

  69. 8.2.13
    pu ye said:

    I am a CVS club member

  70. 8.2.13
    Linda Henson said:

    Yes I am a member!

  71. 8.2.13
    Kitty said:

    No I am not.

  72. 8.2.13
    C.J. said:

    Hi, newbie natural…awesome site & give away. I think I’m a member of the CVS beauty club,but I am a “cvs red” holder;)

  73. 8.3.13
    Vanessa A. said:

    Yes I am a CVS Beauty Club Member!

  74. 8.3.13
    April Yedinak said:

    I am not a beauty club member, but I plan to sign up.

  75. 8.3.13
    Teresa Thompson said:

    Yes, I am.

  76. 8.3.13
    Jamie Brigham said:

    I am not, I didn’t know there was a beauty club.

  77. 8.3.13
    Diane Cooper said:

    No, I am not a CVS Beauty Club Member, but I would like to be.

  78. 8.3.13
    Barbara Montag said:

    Yes I am – love CVS!
    Thank you.

  79. 8.3.13
    Vincent said:

    Im not a member…yet

  80. 8.3.13
    Ellen B said:

    not yet

  81. 8.4.13
    Donna L said:

    No. I am not.

  82. 8.4.13
    martha said:

    not yet

  83. 8.4.13
    Elizabeth Owens said:

    No but I do have a CVS card! I need to join because the benefits are great from reading your post!!

  84. 8.4.13
    kolpin said:

    i’m not sure. i do have a rewards card….does that count?

    rafflecopter: daniel

  85. 8.4.13
    Luna S said:

    Iā€™m not a beauty club member but I just moved close to a CVS so may be one soon.

  86. 8.4.13
    Crystal said:

    No I’m not, I wasn’t aware of it but will probably look into it now.

  87. 8.4.13
    Melissa said:

    yes, i love cvs!

  88. 8.4.13
    katie h said:

    Awesome giveaway! šŸ™‚

  89. 8.5.13
    Lynn said:

    yup im a beauty member, wish i used it more often, i never rack up enough points

  90. 8.5.13
    Sarah said:

    Definitely a CBS Beauty Club member!

  91. 8.5.13
    Nannypanpan said:


  92. 8.5.13
    Claudia said:

    I am not a CVS beauty club member

  93. 8.5.13
    Tina M said:

    I’m a CVS Beauty Club Member

  94. 8.5.13
    Victoria Carlson said:

    I am not a beauty club member yet but I want to be!

  95. 8.5.13
    Carol W said:

    I am a member. thanks

  96. 8.5.13
    Carolyn G said:

    No. I should become a member though.

  97. 8.5.13
    Vanessa said:

    I’m not. I didn’t know about it until now!

  98. 8.5.13
    Hayley s said:

    I am not… I have not even heard about it until now!

  99. 8.6.13
    steve weber said:

    I am not a member.

  100. 8.6.13
    katherine d said:

    I am not a member (yet!)

  101. 8.6.13
    Michelle L said:

    I am not a member either

  102. 8.6.13
    Kimberly Lewis said:

    YES I’m a member! As a matter of fact, I’m less than $5 away from earning my $5 extra bucks! I shop CVS for the majority of my beauty products.

  103. 8.6.13

    I’m not but will be soon thanks to you.

  104. 8.6.13
    Sam Stamp said:

    Yes, I am CVS Beauty Club member!

  105. 8.6.13
    Nichole Norris said:

    Yes I am! šŸ™‚

  106. 8.7.13
    shirley said:

    I am not a member, part of my family is.

  107. 8.7.13
    Melanie Montgomery said:

    Not yet, no I’m not

  108. 8.7.13
    D. Wesley said:

    No I am not a CVS beauty club member. I didn’t know they carried natural hair care products. And I never thought they would have sales. A $50 CVS gift card would surely get me in the doors. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! šŸ™‚