Playing Dress Up With Kids

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Summer has been our time to stretch out imaginations. The kids and I have been on a fun schedule where every day has a theme and we learn something new. Some days, we just daydream and I encourage the amazing things they think up in their minds.

Playing dress up with kids is a great way to get them active, and stretch their imagination. This mom shares how she does it with her 2 and 7 year old.

They repeatedly have pet shops, grocery stores and even skydiving lessons in their small room. Their new obsession is costumes. Capes, hats (or buckets turned into hats), and tutus are always in the mix.

Did you know that when you play dress up, a tutu can be used as wig? It can, trust me. Here’s some fun we had with two costumes I found on clearance after Halloween.

encourage your kids to dress up!

We decided to liven up our day by taking a trip to our favorite playground, but this time we started our adventure by playing dress up. Who wouldn’t want to see a pirate and Batman on the monkey bars? I’ll tell you who: someone without a love of life..and unicorns.

encourage your kids to dress up!

The Dark Knight rises…well, jumps then rises. He’s such a cute vigilante.

encourage you kids to dress up!

Oh, hello tiny toddler pirate. How arrrrgh you today? You’re good? That’s farrrghbulous. (Okay, I’ll stop now). I loved the quality of the costumes that we picked out.

I also love that we’re able to stock up on costumes after Halloween, and even find them at re-sale stores like Kid To Kid or Once Upon A Child. This frugal mama appreciates all the deals I can get, even when it comes to building my kids’ imagination.

encourage your kids to dress up!

encourage your kids to dress up!

encourage your kids to dress up!

The kids decided that the spiral blue slide was a space ship to different planets in outer space. I think the toddler pirate was a little shocked at how fast the ship went. I mean, she is used to ships, just not ones that journey through space.

pink crocs on a toddler pirate. So cute!

Pirate booties. Well, pink crocs disguised as pirate booties. She just had to throw some pink in there somewhere.

encourage your kids to dress up!

Bruce Wayne ain’t got nothin’ on my boy! He’s quite handsome, even with a mask on. I love him so.

toddler pirate costume for playing dress up

Hey toddler pirate, what arrrggh you looking at? (Okay, I’m really stopping now)

encourage your kids to dress up!

On the next episode, the dynamic duo will take on the ferocious dragon. I think they can take them, do you?

We had an absolute blast playing dress up and I felt like a such a great mom by encouraging them to think outside the box (including that dang television) and create their own adventures.

With a costume and a fun great attitude we can go anywhere we want, even if we never leave our backyard. Summer is the best time to explore that and get out of the house while do so.

What fun and adventurous things have you done with your kids this summer or summer’s past? Did they involve costumes and playing dress up?

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  1. 7.13.13

    Oh my gosh. Is your son accepting applications for arranged marriage? I have a super cute little girl who will be 4 in September who also loves to dress up and she could use a little vigilante at her side.

    I love that you took them out in public to play and stretch their imaginations. And the pirate talk? Never stop. It’s necessary for life. Just like belief in unicorns.

    • 7.13.13
      Amiyrah said:

      When it comes to vigilantes, arranged marriages are always accepted! And I’m sure my little girl would love a sister-in-law that appreciates dress up time 🙂

      • 7.15.13

        Yes! I didn’t even think about the sister-in-law slant! OK, where’s the paperwork we need to sign to make this happen? 😉

        • 7.15.13
          Amiyrah said:

          I’ll get it squared away and email it to you lol!

  2. 7.15.13

    nothing like a costume to brighten up any kid’s day 🙂 so cute!

  3. 7.15.13
    Amber K said:

    I love the costumes, especially the pirate! It sounds like a super fun day.

  4. 7.15.13

    We are planning a Pirate day this weekend!! He won’t stop talking about it LOL
    Looks like your guys had a blast!

  5. 7.15.13
    Jesica H said:

    This summer has been mostly about trips to the water park for us, but my kids do love to play dress up whenever they can!

  6. 7.15.13

    I’m taken with your daughter. She is gorgeous! And those curls are lovely!

  7. 7.15.13
    JennysMom said:

    Adorable pictures! As far as summer adventures in the past, both my kiddos say their best memories are when we loaded up the car (with a cooler of food inside and two BMX bikes attached on the back) and drove all over to BMX races nearly every weekend one summer.(I asked them separately and was ridiculously surprised that their answers were identical.)

    I still have videos of those races! My son–now grown–is visiting in 10 days. I asked him what he wanted to do when he got here. He immediately said, “Can we watch childhood videos?”

  8. 7.15.13

    Your kids are adorable!! What a fun day for them!