Win a $100 Target gift card for Back-To-School!

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Dare I say it? It’s time for back to school!

Back to School with Target

I know, I KNOW. “But summer is still here” you say. ” I don’t want to think about it just yet” you whine. Me too, my friend. But if we’re on a mission to get the best deals and not over-spend on school supplies, clothing and the like, we have to get on the ball now. That’s why the Frugal Crew will be chatting about Back to School today, July 17th, and why your hosts The Frugalette and 4 Hats and Frugal, will be giving you “back to school on a dime” advice for the next two weeks.

We will lead discussions on how to stay on budget when sales pop up at every store, how to save on clothing for your kids and even highlight some of the best deals as they come up. Be sure to follow the #FrugalCrew hashtag for advice, tips and links to relevant posts.


But, why not just give you a head start by offer up some cash money? We’ve decided to offer our readers a giveaway of epic frugal proportions. Target has always been a mainstay for great back-to-school shopping, providing deals upon deals on school supplies, children’s clothing, and even outfits for Mom to enjoy at the PTA meetings. Enter below to win a $100 Target gift card and you can stretch your dollars even more!

The contest will be open until July 31st. Winner will be chosen randomly via rafflecopter. Good Luck everyone!
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  1. 7.17.13
    Lizz said:

    It’s a little insane how excited I am about back to school shopping for kindergarten this year! 🙂

  2. 7.17.13
    Val said:

    So much is on the back to school list. We are transitioning to middle school so I know the supplies will be a lot more. Good luck everyone.

  3. 7.17.13
    Eileen said:

    I am so looking forward to any and all posts that help in the area of frugalizing our budgets! Plus, even if I don’t win, I will be happy for who does, since Target is a great place for back to school items!! ;o)

  4. 7.17.13
    Sara said:

    OH yay! With 2 teenagers THIS would be an awesome win!!!

  5. 7.17.13
    Yvonne said:

    I love Target for back to school!

  6. 7.17.13
    mongupp said:


  7. 7.17.13
    Denise said:

    Paper, pens pencils and it would be so nice to be able to add a cute outfit to that list!

  8. 7.17.13
    Chasity said:

    Anything with target is great I have 3 going to 1st, 2nd, and 4rd grade and were excited for the upcoming school year.

  9. 7.17.13

    Oh my gosh… what isn’t on our back to school list?
    1st of all, my girls grow like weeds in the summer.
    2nd… Ana is starting “real” school. She needs all those public school required items (backpack, lunch box, and all those goodies like crayons, pencils, scissors!)

  10. 7.17.13
    kymi a said:

    My list is for 3 kids, we need crayons, pencils, paper, comp.books, scissors, rulers, apron, calculator, kleenex, purell, pens, markers, clothes and shoes and Hair gel, my boy is starting 7th grade in a new school this year I know he wants to looks slick lol.

  11. 7.17.13
    Rona B said:

    Notebooks, pens, a new desk, dry eraser calender.

  12. 7.17.13
    Darlene O'Brien said:

    school supplies, clothes, books writing pens, pencils ext.

  13. 7.17.13
    JoBeth Butcher said:

    My back to school list includes crayons, notebooks, book bags, sleep mats, clothes, shoes, markers and just about anything cleaning wise Kleenex etc @09jojo09

  14. 7.17.13
    Lorianne said:

    Notebooks, paper, pens, glue and crayons!

  15. 7.17.13
    amber said:

    notebooks and binders and cute clothes

  16. 7.17.13
    Shannon S. said:

    I have got a new computer on there for the boys…ours is blown and they need it for research

  17. 7.17.13
    Mary said:

    Mostly clothes, already stocked up otherwise!

  18. 7.17.13

    This is one of my favorite one stop shopping to get things for my nieces and nephew for back to school shopping! This is going to be a great chat!

  19. 7.17.13
    Dorothy Sandman said:

    New cloths!

  20. 7.17.13
    Krystal said:

    I’d love to apply this toward a video camera!

  21. 7.17.13
    Ellen B said:

    cool jeans

  22. 7.17.13
    Amanda Sakovitz said:

    Clothes, shoes, and possibly a new computer!

  23. 7.17.13
    Weston said:

    Back to School seems to sneak up every year!

  24. 7.17.13

    With no children to shop for, I’m going to pick up things like crayons to use for gifts later in the year and I’m looking for an iPad Mini.

  25. 7.17.13
    shaunie said:

    pens and pencils is what is on my list

  26. 7.17.13
    Sarah Chavez said:

    A two page supply list for kindergarten and uniforms. Also, new clothes for daughter in high school who doesn’t need uniforms anymore 🙂

  27. 7.17.13
    Leanne M said:

    clothing and school supplies for my 3 kids

  28. 7.17.13
    Kari said:

    My kids that are in school are 12, 15, and 17…so we have lots of jean to buy and new backpacks/totes.

  29. 7.17.13
    amy williams said:

    new clothes!

  30. 7.17.13
    Kiara said:

    Notebooks, paper, pens, pencils, and a backpack.

  31. 7.17.13
    Jessica Arce said:

    This is great! With 3 kids it would be a blessing! Thank you! We love Target!

  32. 7.17.13
    Margaret Smith said:

    Each of my kids needs new backpacks and sneakers to start. Our oldest needs a special graphing calculator, our middle schooler needs a scientific calculator. We also need pencils, pens, hilighters, folders, pads, binders, glue, etc.

  33. 7.17.13
    alyce poalillo said:

    No children so no list!

  34. 7.17.13
    Courtnie said:

    I’m in college so textbooks, pencils/pens, highlighters, a flash drive, and so much more.

  35. 7.17.13
    @frugaliscious said:

    my son will be attending pre-k this year so we are very anxious so far all i know is bring crayons, back packs, tissues, extra clothes the rest of the list will be given next month so they will be on our list to buy!

  36. 7.17.13
    maria said:

    a laptop

  37. 7.17.13
    Allison Wilson said:

    New shoes and clothes!

  38. 7.17.13
    Gina said:

    New sneakers are always on our back-to-school shopping list.

  39. 7.17.13
    Maggie Wallace said:

    school supplies and new clothes!

  40. 7.17.13
    Brei H. said:

    Fall school clothes, crayons, paper, new shoes!! The list goes on and on 🙂

  41. 7.17.13
    Geoff K said:

    New jeans, polo shirts, and tennis shoes, along with backpacks, notebooks, flash drives, and lunch bags.

  42. 7.17.13
    Thomas Murphy said:

    A new computer is on the back to school list.

  43. 7.17.13
    Harjit said:

    I work with small children so we get all sorts of school supplies ready and I am always busy shopping at the Dollar Store and Walmart for the deals on crafts. Now, that we have a Target it would be wonderful to win a g/c! Thank you for the chance twitter fan@plumerea

  44. 7.17.13

    I start preparing for back to school as soon as school lets out and I see supplies for sale different places.

  45. 7.17.13
    Danielle D said:

    clothes and shoes

  46. 7.17.13
    Shannon Baas said:

    Clothing, pencils, crayons, and notebooks.

  47. 7.17.13
    rich morris said:

    Clothes, shoes, and notebooks

  48. 7.17.13
    Tammy S said:

    Clothes, backpack, calculator, and binders.

  49. 7.17.13


  50. 7.18.13
    Emilia said:

    shoes, packback

  51. 7.18.13
    nickie said:

    Pencils, paper, pens

  52. 7.18.13
    Adrienne Gordon said:

    a new backpack

  53. 7.18.13
    Tari Lawson said:

    I really don’t have anything on my back to school list. I have quite a few supplies on hand from last year that I can use.

  54. 7.18.13
    erin dear said:

    Lots of back to school items on my list! From supplies to clothes and shoes.

  55. 7.18.13
    Ann Fantom said:

    Lots of glue sticks. I don’t know what my daughter does with them all!

  56. 7.18.13
    Karen said:

    Shoes, clothes, and backpacks!

  57. 7.18.13
    Elena said:

    pens, folders and crayons

  58. 7.18.13
    Tabathia B said:

    School uniforms, shoes, violin, graphing supplies, TI calculator

  59. 7.18.13
    Ashley said:

    new clothes!

  60. 7.18.13
    Cheryl said:

    Two things on my list are crayons and a computer–quite a combination.

  61. 7.18.13
    Tarah said:

    Backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, shoes

  62. 7.18.13
    Katie K said:

    school supplies and new shoes

  63. 7.18.13
    Cynthia C said:

    New clothes and shoes are on my list.

  64. 7.18.13

    We’re getting ready for pre-school and the needs will be lunch box, clothes, shoes, art supplies and snacks!!

  65. 7.18.13
    Casey said:

    I’m hunting for plaid, especially a plaid skirt!

  66. 7.18.13
    Alix said:

    Target has some of the best back to school!!

  67. 7.18.13
    Kathleen said:

    clothes and a backpack

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  68. 7.18.13
    sarah said:

    The list seems endless with folders, binders, notebooks, dividers…I don’t ever remember being required to have so many items when I was in school.

  69. 7.18.13
    Scott Martin said:


  70. 7.18.13
    Gen Rodzik said:

    Good Deals! We are a part of the federal furlough. I am a stay at home Military wife with 3 children. Things are tight. I will be doing “free with rebates” at Staples and shopping fliers every week starting now. Our school district is cash strapped so we supply our kids with educational supplies and our school with cleaning, storing, hygiene, and everything else supplies! (-:

  71. 7.18.13
    Melanie said:

    I’m a teacher so lots & lots of coffee is on my back to school list.

  72. 7.18.13

    This is a great start to the beginning of the school year…. I am not even ready to think about September, but I love Target!

  73. 7.18.13
    Rachee said:

    I work in a public library so I cannot wait for school to start. It’s been crazy busy and I’m sorta done with this heat.

    • 7.18.13
      Rachee said:

      I totally ranted and didn’t answer your question. Lots of notebooks and folders.

  74. 7.18.13
    Jason Crooks said:

    We haven’t gotten the list from the schools yet. But so far we have notebooks, pens, pencils, colored pencils, folders, and new tennis shoes for gym class.

  75. 7.18.13
    Jay P said:

    New clothes

  76. 7.18.13
    Monique Rizzo said:

    Pens,pencils,folders and paper.Thanks for the chance.

  77. 7.18.13
    Barbara Montag said:

    Backpacks, notebooks, markers and lots of clothes!
    Thank you.

  78. 7.18.13
    Christina Sparks said:

    The top priority is clothes, I think my son grew four inches this summer.

  79. 7.18.13
    krystel said:


  80. 7.18.13
    Jayden H. said:

    My son starts 1st grade, so I am sure we will be buying a lot of Mario themed school supplies!

  81. 7.18.13
    Janice Whitaker said:

    whats not on it. tissues, paper, hand never ends

  82. 7.18.13
    Stephanie V. said:

    backpacks, lunchboxes, pencils, markers, crayons, book sox, notebooks, pencil boxes etc etc etc

  83. 7.18.13
    Lindsey said:

    Back-to-school shopping is something that my 8 year old loves every year, and now that my twins are going to kindergarten, they are so excited for their turn! This is such an exciting time of year! Good luck to all you Mommas!

  84. 7.18.13
    Suzanne K said:

    I don’t have a back to school list! My daughter is in college and taking care of everything herself (with a bit of funding help from me)

  85. 7.18.13
    Jennifer Matt said:

    New shoes and a new backpack

  86. 7.19.13
    Bons said:

    New clothes

  87. 7.19.13
    Jessica H said:

    Lunch box accessories (more bento containers!), new shoes, crayons, tissues, etc.

  88. 7.19.13
    McKim said:

    new backpacks

  89. 7.19.13
    carol said:

    nothing for me but my daughter has clothes and supplies for my grandkids

  90. 7.19.13
    Katherine said:

    Some highlighters, paper, white board and a planner

  91. 7.19.13
    Crystal F said:

    I still have to get my oldest daughter a backpack and tennis shoes. I will also have to get all of the school supplies but I have to wait on the teacher lists to come. Thank you!

  92. 7.19.13
    Jane said:

    Going to be a freshman in college this year! I am going to be needing many things for my dorm from school supplies to bedding to a refrigerator! Overwhelming for sure and this gift card will take some of the weight off my shoulders!

  93. 7.19.13
    Sadie B. said:

    I have one child that needs a new backpack, folders, paper and pencils.

  94. 7.19.13
    Susana Zerega-Higuera said:

    My little girl will need her first backpack, school supplies, school uniform, lunch box, snacks, sturdy shoes and a jacket.

  95. 7.20.13
    Monica Young said:

    School uniforms this year!

  96. 7.20.13
    TrishCF said:

    I need to get backpacks for my three kids and new clothes a well.

  97. 7.20.13
    mickeyfan said:


  98. 7.20.13
    Megan Birmingham said:

    Stuff to help our home stay organized during the school year – bulletin board, binders, drawer organizers and cute storage boxes!

  99. 7.20.13
    Christine said:

    new clothes

  100. 7.20.13
    meredith said:

    kids need new shoes!

  101. 7.21.13
    Stephanie Larison said:

    Backpack, notebooks, pencils, crayons, tissues

  102. 7.21.13
    Mya Murphy said:

    Nothing. I don’t have children.

  103. 7.21.13
    Nataly Carbonell said:

    bacpacs, binders and clothing

  104. 7.21.13
    Tazim said:

    I’m a lifelong learner, so always a student . . .I desperately needed a new laptop, and bought one 2 weeks ago. I still need a few software programs, though.

  105. 7.21.13
    Heather Hayes Panjon said:

    Jeans, Tees, Shoes, Backpacks And A Endless List Of Supplies!

  106. 7.21.13
    Laura Jacobson said:

    We need backpacks, lunchbox, notebooks and crayons and markers….and school clothes and shoes!

  107. 7.22.13
    Heather said:

    New backpack for my husband and maternity clothes for me (we teach 🙂 )

  108. 7.22.13

    Love this! I plan to do all my back to school shopping at Target this year because of the various perks.

  109. 7.22.13

    Awesome giveaway!

  110. 7.22.13
    nicole said:

    Clothes! I’m waiting for tax free weekend to get them!

  111. 7.22.13
    Melanie Montgomery said:

    New clothes, always new clothes.

  112. 7.22.13
    Jill McHale said:

    My daughter starts PreK this year. She needs back to school.clothes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  113. 7.22.13
    Angela Sheeler said:

    I LOVE Target and my girls have been asking all week to go school supply shopping… The only thing we have gotten so far were Lunch Boxes just because VB had a great sale…

  114. 7.22.13
    stacey said:

    pens, papers, binders, dividers, lions, tigers and bears oh my

  115. 7.22.13
    Livivua Chandler said:

    i like uniforms and a nice backpack!

  116. 7.22.13
    jamie delgado said:

    clothes mostly my little ones first time ever attending school.

  117. 7.22.13
    Debbie F said:

    This would be AWESOME 🙂

    • 7.22.13
      Debbie F said:

      pens, pencils, notebooks…..everything!

  118. 7.22.13
    Mary said:

    I would get my daughter’s clothes shopping done with this 😉

  119. 7.22.13
    Maureen said:

    We have lots on our back to school list: lunch box, notebooks, art smock, markers, crayons, pencils, folders, etc!

  120. 7.22.13
    Tanya White said:

    School uniforms are on my list this year,

  121. 7.23.13
    Cindy said:

    My kids outgrew EVERYthing. They need new clothes!

  122. 7.23.13
    juli guthrie said:

    I have 2 school age boys and they need everything, uniforms, lunchboxes, folders, glue sticks..

  123. 7.23.13
    Jennifer K. said:

    Some new folders to organize and store my stuff.

  124. 7.23.13
    Mary Happymommy said:

    My son needs new jeans. All his jeans have holes in them!

  125. 7.23.13
    tina reynolds said:

    everything backpacks supplies, shoes, underwear clothes you name it we need it x2

  126. 7.23.13
    Cary said:

    Clothes for daughter

  127. 7.23.13
    JC Joiner said:

    Clothes and shoes

  128. 7.23.13
    joyce-ellen said:

    children’s scissors. glue sticks. new shoes.

  129. 7.23.13

    We need clothes for my granddaughter and grandson for first day of school.

  130. 7.23.13
    Janna Johnson said:

    a new laptop

  131. 7.24.13
    Carrie said:

    My kids are still in preschool, so our back-to-school list consists of lots of cute clothes and a new backpack for my son.

  132. 7.24.13

    This is my first official Back-to-School year with my oldest going into Kindergarten.. and I can’t believe it! I’m looking forward to new school supplies and awesome outfits from Target 🙂

  133. 7.24.13
    Jessie said:

    Clothes, mostly, and a laptop for my oldest whose computer died over the summer.

  134. 7.24.13
    Ashley S said:

    New backpack!

  135. 7.24.13
    Marie said:

    So excited for this giveaway – thanks

  136. 7.25.13
    Melanie Morin said:

    A brand new binder

  137. 7.25.13
    KAlex said:

    So many things are on the list! Clothes, shoes, writing utensils… Everything!

  138. 7.25.13
    Gina B said:

    New schoolbags! I want eco-friendly ones (good luck), but it’s definitely time for a new bag for both kiddos.

  139. 7.25.13
    CharityS said:

    Backpack, pencils, paper, and new clothes.

  140. 7.25.13
    jeannine s said:

    I need to get new sneakers, tissues and baby wipes

  141. 7.25.13
    Tiffany Hearn said:

    Shoes and backpacks are on my list! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  142. 7.25.13
    Linda Brooks said:

    School supplies and clothes

  143. 7.25.13
    Ellie W said:

    Backpacks, lunch boxes, clothes, and basic supplies for a 2nd grader and a kindergartener.

  144. 7.25.13
    soha molina said:

    shots and shoes

  145. 7.25.13
    Micheal Borgrud said:

    cloths, pens, paper

  146. 7.25.13
    Claire said:

    Backpacks – nice ones are so expensive!

  147. 7.26.13
    jeff bob said:


  148. 7.26.13

    We need shoes

  149. 7.26.13
    Kyl Neusch said:

    Notebooks, paper, pens

  150. 7.26.13
    kolpin said:

    definitely clothes and shoes!

    rafflecopter: daniel

  151. 7.26.13
    Lauryn said:

    Crayons…you gotta have some nice new pointy crayons:)

  152. 7.27.13
    Jennifer R. said:

    I need to get long pants and shoes that fit correctly for all of my kids.

  153. 7.27.13
    Melanie said:

    shoes, shoes, shoes! and maybe someday soon my kiddos’ feet will stop growing?

  154. 7.28.13
    Kristi C said:

    Shoes, clothes, backpacks, pens, pencils, paper, and plenty of folders.

  155. 7.28.13

    Art Supplies, Copy Paper, Kleenex

  156. 7.28.13
    Donna Kellogg said:

    clothes and shoes

  157. 7.28.13
    William Krawic said:


  158. 7.29.13
    angela cisco said:

    Uniforms and shoes.

  159. 7.29.13
    joni said:

    College books

  160. 7.29.13
    Paula Michele Hafner said:

    We still need paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons, and glue.

  161. 7.29.13
    tuesday said:

    I have 3 kids in school this year! We have a long list of things including memory sticks, binders, glue sticks and more, more more

  162. 7.29.13
    jennifer cecil said:

    New football cleats for my son are on my back to school shopping list.

  163. 7.29.13
    Erica H said:

    My son is going to preschool so we need a backpack, lunch bag, blanket for nap time, a spare set of clothes, and a small pillow this year 🙂

  164. 7.29.13
    Mary Cloud said:

    Backpacks, binders, paper, notebooks, pens, pencils and lots more
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  165. 7.29.13
    tiffany lane said:

    A expensive math calculator

  166. 7.29.13
    Suzanne Lewis said:

    New shoes are on the list.

  167. 7.29.13
    Birdie Skolfield said:

    shorts & keds with matching tanks for the girls its gonna be a HOT fall

  168. 7.29.13
    dawn cook said:

    with 3 son’s going back to school…3 backpacks, markers, colored pencils, tons of notebooks, pencils, pens, index cards, highlighters and tons of folders

  169. 7.29.13

    My son is starting pre school been diagnosed with Autism. Only 3 very nervous for him to be in school! Crossing my fingers everything goes welllnext month for my son.

  170. 7.29.13

    i forgot to mention what i need. Well alot of stuff! Dont us parents need a little help from school supplies to clothes!! So the list is long 🙂

  171. 7.29.13
    Daniel M said:

    clothes sports equipment & writing supplies

  172. 7.29.13
    Debra Hall said:

    i try to help buy for my grandson …backpack and supplies

  173. 7.29.13
    Brittney House said:

    clothes and backpacks

  174. 7.29.13
    Bethany said:

    New clothes.

  175. 7.30.13
    Stacy said:

    College Dorm stuff for my oldest~ Twin XL sheets, fridge, etc.

  176. 7.30.13
    Roxann said:

    I didn’t get a supply list yet but I know there will be a lot and also a back pack and clothes.

  177. 7.30.13
    Kim H said:

    clothes and shoes

  178. 7.30.13
    Tracy Heyer said:

    New clothes and backpack!!

  179. 7.30.13
    Amanda L. said:

    New shoes

  180. 7.30.13
    Jasanna Czellar said:

    Art supplies!

  181. 7.30.13
    Nichole said:

    I could use some new No. 2 pencils. 🙂

  182. 7.30.13
    Deb S said:

    Clothes and a backpack.

  183. 7.30.13

    Books, journals, and lined paper

  184. 7.30.13
    Autumn said:

    File folders, white printer paper, markers, textbooks, and more! We homeschool, and it can be pretty pricey.

  185. 7.30.13
    matt lehman said:


  186. 7.30.13
    Amanda Rauch said:

    Well my son leaves for college in the fall, so on top of all the supplies he also needs stuff for his student apartment!! It is a BIG list this year 🙂

  187. 7.30.13
    Nicole C. said:

    Paper, pencils, folders, baby wipes, ear buds, and clothes, clothes, and more clothes!!

  188. 7.30.13

    Ha ha – what is not on the list this year?? Right now focusing on uniform shopping, new sneakers and new backpacks!

  189. 7.30.13
    Shannon said:

    pens, paper, ink cartridges

  190. 7.30.13
    Debra Ford said:

    Normal composition books, folders, colored pens…nothing outrageous thank goodness

  191. 7.30.13
    Aubrey said:

    new clothes for the kids

  192. 7.30.13
    Richard Hicks said:

    new backpacks, pens, pencils, notebooks and much more

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  193. 7.30.13
    Pat B said:

    notepads, pencils, pens, and clothes

  194. 7.30.13
    Lisa Garner said:

    I have 3 school age children and some of the items are new backpacks, scientific calculator, binders, folders and pencils.

  195. 7.30.13
    Eileen Burke said:

    Backpack for sure

  196. 7.30.13
    Julia said:

    Stationary is on my list.

  197. 7.30.13
    Peter G said:

    Computer paper and discs for the computer.

  198. 7.30.13
    Susan said:

    Can I just say how THRILLED I am to see such a great response to this giveaway? Yay for you!!! =)

    I’m all for the craft supplies, esp since I still have kids under 5. Last year of preschool. *sigh*

  199. 7.30.13
    Andrea said:

    Backpack was already purchased. She needs ALL her school supplies and clothes. And sneakers. Oh, Lordy. This rocks!

  200. 7.30.13
    Samantha said:

    new fall clothes and pens!

  201. 7.30.13
    Scarlett G said:

    New back packs.

  202. 7.30.13
    Ashley said:

    I’m a teacher and a mom to a school-aged child, so we have all sorts of stuff on our list: pens, pencils, markers, crayons, dry erase markers, paper, notebooks — you name it!

  203. 7.30.13
    Karrie Millheim said:

    clothes, notepads and shoes