Adventures in potty training

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adventures in potty training

My girl doesn’t want to potty train. If I even mention the words potty training, she announces that she’s not ready and runs for the hills. At 3 years old, I assume she should be well on her way to accomplishing this transition, but alas, she’s not having it.

We had a similar issue with her brother. He was more interested in building lego skyscrapers and reading books, than sitting on the potty. With our little Duchess, it’s just a matter of authority. She knows that she makes the final decision about if she’ll stay in her “big girl panties” or not, and she’s choicing to make things a bit difficult. My hope is that we won’t have another round of sending out kid to school in diapers and having them learn to potty train outside of the home. I mean, it’s supposed to me my job to teach her, right?

According to her doctor, our best bet is to just lay off. She’ll tell us when she’s ready, and because she’s headstrong, we can’t pressure her into it. No amount of bribery, promises, punishments, and the like will get her to yield to our demands. She’s stubborn to the bone. While I know this attribute will help her later in life, it’s not helping mama and her grocery budget. Diapers cost way too much!

Although I know I can’t pressure her into succumbing to potty training, I can lead by example. Whenever I have to go (and we’re at home) I announce it to her and ask if she has to go too. It never works, and she sometimes purposely says no and goes on her own after I’m done, but it’s a start. Plus, she’s my Duchess. She’s able to put together a whole fashion-forward outfit, but refuses to sit on the potty. I’m kind of excited to see what else she’ll “refuse” to do in the future. It’s always an adventure here in our house, especially with this little girl running around.

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  1. 9.10.13
    Aunt Mel said:


  2. 9.10.13
    Susie said:

    Great post, Amiyrah! Although my daughter didn’t potty train late, she was quite stubborn even @ age 2. *Chuckle* I still remember her quirk at that young age of rolling her eyes. All I can say is you know who she’s become at age 23. But that same streak of being stubborn bode her well during her teenage years. She didn’t fall into doing things because of peer pressure. The age the Duchess becomes potty trained isn’t important; the qualities of self-assurance and knowing what she wants to do when will be envied by others in later years. Can’t wait to see her life unfold…

  3. 9.11.13
    Karen said:

    I just blogged about our EXTREME potty training method. We just went through this with my 2nd son, who I thought would be easier.. clearly I thought wrong. 🙂 Our method has worked great but I was at the end of my rope since he was starting preschool! Good luck with your little girl!

    • 9.12.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Karen! I followed the doctor’s instruction, and like magic, she’s now interested in training. Since it’s all on her own terms, and I’m not asking her and just letting her do it when she wants, she’s been going when she needs to go. She’s so stubborn lol.