Little Fashionista – Thrifting and Animal Sweaters

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Hi everyone! For the next few months, the Duchess and I will be sharing some of her favorite outfits from items that we’ve gotten from the thrift store, or during a great online sale. Twice a month, we’ll feature an outfit created by the Duchess and how where you can go online to find similar items. We hope you enjoy it!

Little Fashionista - animal sweaters

My girl loves a good legging. Whenever we go thrifting or to one of our nearby stores, like Target, she asks to get leggings in all shapes, sizes and patterns. During our last trip to Kid to Kid, we ended up getting quite a few pair of leggings to get her through the fall and winter, but there was something else that caught her eye: cute animal sweaters.

Little fashionista - animal sweaters

Sweaters and sweatshirts with an animal motif are taking over this fall and winter, with moms and their kiddos rocking the trend. I’ve even seen some very adventurous dads rocking animal sweaters with gorillas and tigers on the front. When the Duchess spotted this pooddle sweater from Baby Gap for only 4.99, she asked me ever so sweetly to get it for her. I obliged.

Little fashionista - animal sweaters

Just a few minutes later, we found a pair of brown leggings to go with the sweater, and just like that, an outfit was born. We paired it with a bow headband I purchased from ModCloth a while ago.

Little Fashionista - sparkle flats

To make the outfit as fantastic as possible, the Duchess decided that her “sparkly shoes” from Walmart would be perfect. I had to agree. She looked so adorable in this animal sweater ensemble, but she was still comfortable enough to run after her brother on the playground.

Looking to create the same outfit for your little one? No need to go thrifting! Here are some similar picks that I found on the inter webs:

Little Fashionista - animal sweaters

Check out one of our favorite animal sweaters from Crazy 8. It’s only 11.99 right now, and would look very cute on your tot during family picture time.

These leggings with a heart patch on the knee are just so over-the-top cute.

To keep the sparkle in her shoe, these black flats from Laura Ashley kids are so fun. They look very comfortable, so she’ll be able to run about while still looking like a little fashionista.

Little Fashionista - animal sweaters

Sound off: do you love the animal sweaters trend that’s going on right now? Is it just for kids, or perfect for the whole family?

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  1. 10.21.13

    Oh my goodness she is a such a doll! And that is a great outfit! My daughter really loves the animal sweaters right now.

  2. 10.21.13

    A.J. only has a few animal sweaters. But they’re so adorable.
    Her leggings are the bizness, but I really want her silver flats. They are to die for!

  3. 10.21.13
    Raijean said:

    Now she is too cute! Love this post!

  4. 10.21.13

    That shirt is adorable, the cut fits so nice on her!

  5. 10.22.13

    She looks so cute in her outfit.

  6. 10.30.13
    Colleen said:

    She certainly is a little fashionista. I’m going to love seeing her outfits.

    As for the animal trend…. LOVE it for the kids. We have a ton of shirts with kitties and dogs, especially. Would I personally wear an animal sweater. Probably not.