The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

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When I return from the book store, thrift store or just a random day of shopping, I just might have a cook book with me. My poor husband shakes his head every time I bring yet another collection of delicious recipes into our home.  I just can’t let them go, though. It’s something that I love collecting, for those “just in case” times. The only cookbooks that I do utilize quite a bit are authored by Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

Now, I’ve written quite a bit in my corner of the internet about how much I enjoy Ree’s recipes. My own cousin even offered to pay me cash money to make him a tray of Ree’s apple dumplings for his birthday. She got me to actually love chocolate cake and think it’s OK for figs to be on a pizza. I like the cut of her culinary jib. So, when I was asked if I would like an advanced copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays, I responded “duh, der, wha? Yeah!” Actually, I gave a very professional response but that’s what I said in my head.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

When the book arrived, I wasn’t at all disappointed. It was a great representation of Ree’s spirit and enthusiasm for cooking. With this edition, she’s providing 140 recipes for holidays throughout the year. From New Year’s Day, to Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving and Christmas, PW really gives us the business. Her photos are vibrant, just like in all of her other cookbooks, but this one feels even more personal. The stories are heartfelt, funny, and relatable, just like Ree. If you are a fan of her website, you’ll enjoy seeing the essence of it through the pages of her new release.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

I enjoyed the do-ahead game plan she provides at the beginning of each section. She details which parts of each recipe can be done the day of, night before, or even a few days before the big event. For someone that loves to execute a plan rather than make it, this was heaven-sent.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

The best thing about The Pioneer Woman’s recipes and cookbooks are that they are honest, genuine and make you feel good. Funny thing is, these are the traits of Ree herself. She’s such a great soul. Every time I’ve interacted with her, she’s been just as sweet as the first time we met. Even The Duchess loves her, and she has no qualms announcing when she doesn’t like someone. Honest toddler, indeed.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays

If you’re looking for a great gift to provide the chef in your home, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays is the way to go.

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  1. 10.31.13

    What a great looking book – I love that it can see you all through the year celebrating those special occasions x

    • 11.1.13
      Amiyrah said:

      That’s my favorite part about it, as well. It’s like the one-stop shopping for cookbooks.

  2. 10.31.13

    I love many of her recipes, too. I didn’t even know about this book – I need to get one for myself for Christmas ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 11.1.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes, you do!

  3. 10.31.13

    I have never seen any of her recipes. I need to check some of them out for myself. The book looks like it is right up my allley.

  4. 10.31.13

    Sounds like a great book! I really want to try some I have heard that her recipes are really good!!

  5. 10.31.13

    That looks like a fantastic cook book! I love the pioneer woman!

  6. 10.31.13
    Amanda said:

    I do love her recipes! She is such a genuine person. I will be on the look out for her new cookbook.

  7. 10.31.13
    Karen said:

    I love cook books, but never checked anything out by her so will have to.

  8. 10.31.13

    I love trying different recipes, never would have thought to use figs on pizza though. That makes me want to check this book out to see that recipe.

    • 11.1.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Jennifer! That recipe is actually on her site, so you can go over there and check it out right now :).

  9. 10.31.13

    Oh wow I need to get this cookbook. I collect cookbooks of every type imaginable.

  10. 10.31.13
    Nicole A. said:

    I’ve heard great things about this book. My grandma-in-law has mentioned giving it this year as a gift.

  11. 10.31.13
    Pam said:

    I have always wanted to take a look at some of her recipes. I hear so much about it. Maybe I will ask for one of her cookbooks for Christmas.

  12. 11.1.13

    I love her so much! Now I want the book!

  13. 11.1.13
    Rosey said:

    I’m the same way with cookbooks, we have about 30 of them we’ve collected over the years because I just can’t let go, lol, just in case.

    I do have a couple of favorites we use. I suppose I should donate the rest and let someone who would use them get ahold of them.

    I’m glad you like the Pioneer Cookbook. I’m curious to take a look.

  14. 11.1.13

    I’m always looking at/through cookbooks but I never feel comfortable cooking what they have done because I usually think they won’t come out as good. This sounds like a great book for a gift for those who love to cook. Guess I know what my cousin is getting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. 11.1.13

    This book looks great and now on my Christmas wish list! I love celebrating all the various seasonal events so this would be great for inspiration.

  16. 11.1.13
    Debi said:

    I love her. She seems so sweet and her recipes are amazing.

  17. 11.1.13

    This is perfect since the year is ending and you could read and cook from the start of the book

  18. 11.1.13
    Annemarie said:

    I love this book, amazing. I will have to pick up a copy. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. 11.1.13

    Except for reading about her on other blogs, I have no idea who she is. We live WAY out in the country and have no cable or satellite. I’m assuming she’s on tv.
    Guess I need to look her up.

  20. 11.1.13
    Rachee said:

    Another cookbook! Oh I love it (adding to library cue now!). The picture of your daughter is adorable.

  21. 11.1.13

    I made my first Pioneer woman recipes last summer and they turned out really good. I love that everyone I meet has one or two of her recipes that they keep around as staples when they’re cooking.

  22. 11.1.13

    Awww I love her.. soo jealous that you guys got to meet her.. what a great book; can’t wait to check it out. She has wonderful ideas.. Thanks for sharing

  23. 12.11.13
    Valerie said:

    My sister fell in love with Pioneer Woman this year. I haven’t made any her recipes yet, but everything she touches looks delicious. My sister and I watched her do a simple box lunch one day. She makes everything look effortless. Looking forward to checking out the book. ~ Valerie

  24. 12.11.13

    I’ve got her cookbooks listed in my wishlist.

  25. 12.12.13
    Doni said:

    I love to try new recipes. Would love to get the book

  26. 12.14.13
    Kim Henrichs said:

    Love her! My favorite holiday to cook for is New Years Eve. I love figuring out festive drinks and finger foods!

  27. 12.15.13
    Sarah M said:

    I have followed Ree for years. I am so happy for her that she has out 3 cookbooks now!

  28. 12.17.13
    nancy bowers said:

    My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving- family gathered but no gift giving.

  29. 12.17.13
    manda said:

    Love the pioneer woman and her Okie style!

  30. 12.18.13
    Alyssa S said:

    I love the 4th of July!

  31. 12.18.13

    My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. Picnics, great weather, fun food, and kids running around playing waiting for fireworks.

  32. 12.18.13
    Kenny said:

    NIce post. PW rocks!!!

  33. 12.18.13
    Ashley said:

    I use Ree’s recipes at least once a week in our house. She’s my saving grace in the kitchen!

  34. 12.18.13
    jen haupt said:

    My favorite holiday is Halloween because everyone gets to dress up, and I love passing out candy and seeing all of the adorable and scary costumes!

  35. 12.18.13
    Erika C. said:

    Love reading your review-great job! I love the cover of the cookbook- the front cover layout grabs you!

  36. 12.18.13
    Mel in Okla. said:

    I love Ree’s recipes. I have all of her other cookbooks. I need this one for a complete set. Thanks!

  37. 12.18.13
    Debi H. said:

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I have her first cookbook and would love to have this one too!

  38. 12.18.13

    My wife and I are both fans of the Ree’s cookbooks. The detail and visuals are always stunning. We love the Christmas holidays for its festive meals and family friendly dining but I love 4th of July for it’s outdoor eating, sunshine and casual fun.

  39. 12.18.13
    April Wyatt said:

    I love The Pioneer Woman. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.

  40. 12.18.13
    Lisa from sunny BR said:

    LOVE Ree & her blog!! My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas!

  41. 12.18.13
    Alexandra said:

    Christmas is definitely my favorite

  42. 12.18.13
    Christina said:

    Love the Cinco de Mayo recipes

  43. 12.18.13
    Lindsey V. said:

    I love Ree Drummond’s cookbooks! They are always put together so beautifully and I love the stories added to each recipe. And the food looks so good! I’ve only tried a few of her recipes so far, but my favorite has been, hands down, the Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce from her second cookbook. I’ve made it so many times and it gets better and better!

    I had the chance to check out this holiday cookbook from my library and would love a copy of my own, so fingers crossed for your giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the review!

    • 12.18.13
      Lindsey V. said:

      Oops, I forgot to add my favorite holiday for the Rafflecopter entry. My favorite would have to be Christmas. I love the spirit of the holiday and the pretty decorations and yummy food. Coming in close, though, too, is Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. 12.18.13
    Aneesah Allen said:

    Cooking and Baking are my things. I would love to have Ree Drummondโ€™s cookbook. With the holidays comings up, I am sure I will be inspired to treat my family and friends to something different.