10 fun things I did on the Doctor Oz show

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Doctor Oz Show

A few months ago, my mom and I were asked to be on The Doctor Oz show for a fun Mother/Daughter segment. I never realized how many fun things I would learn and encounter from just a few hours on a television set.

I got to do a segment with my mom
This, I think, was the best part of the whole experience. My Mom and I never really get to do things together, since she helps with the kids when I have fun experiences in New York City. This time, we not only got to go into the city together, but we got to make a memory for just the two of us.

fooducate app

I got to talk about apps
Not just any apps, free apps! And who doesn’t love a great free app? I showed my mom how to use the Fooducate app, which scans products at your store and gives them a “grade” to show how healthy they are for your particular diet. If you are gluten free, diabetic or have any other special diet, the app helps you stay on track.

Doctor Oz Show | 4 Hats and Frugal

I made friends
This is Gina. She is hilarious. Her mom, my mom, she and I got on famously, and their part of the segment is just too cute and funny. After the segment, I told her that I needed to take a picture with her because she was so bright and positive. You never know where you’ll meet amazing people.

I froze
It’s cold in those studios. I mean, really cold. They’d rather have you be cold than hot and pass out, so they make sure you are nice and chilly. For this exact reason, you should probably not wear a thin, flowy shirt. By the way…

I wore a thin, flowy shirt
The Pioneer Woman has expressed her concern for wearing flowy shirts on TV time and time again. I decided to ignore the many posts she’s dedicated to this public service announcement, and wear a blue flowy Zara shirt I got at the thrift store. It was beautiful, but with all of the nervousness I felt, I was afraid to move, sweat, or even drink water, in case it spilled on me. I did feel cute, though!

I exercised with Doctor Oz
This part was the most embarrassing/amazing/awkward/awesome part of the whole experience. Doing Shaun T exercises with Doctor Oz, my flowy shirt, and sweaty armpits was a recipe for disaster or brilliance. I guess I’ll see which one today when I watch the segment.

I got car sick
It’s been a while since this one has happened to me! We had a car service pick us up from the studio, and he was very eager to us home, and himself off-duty. After a few questions, we found out that he was late picking up his kids so that’s why he was a speed demon. Sitting in the back seat while he swerves through NYC traffic was quite a time.

I was convinced that TV producers need their own show
Angela and Maggie, our producers for the segment, need their own show. Seriously. They were lively, funny, and on top of it all. Did I mention they were funny? Get these ladies their own reality show!

The Prancersise lady prancersized
While I was very excited about meeting Doctor Oz, I have to say, I was doubly excited about seeing Joanna Rohrback, the Prancercise lady. I got to see her during rehearsal, just prancercising away, and she is awesome. She was so sweet in the green room hallways, as well.

Doctor Oz Show | 4 Hats and Frugal

I realized that TV is just as fun as it looks
Everyone imagines how it must be to work or be a guest on a talk show. Well, it’s just as fun as we think it is. Everyone on the Doctor Oz staff was accommodating, professional, and very friendly. We were treated like guests in their home, not just on their show. They were so great, I decided to let my first born go back for his own segment on the show (but we’ll talk about that in a few weeks).

Our segment on Doctor Oz is available on his website right now, so I hope you’ll check it out!

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  1. 10.2.13
    AlexM said:

    I am going to try to be on the couch for it!

  2. 10.2.13
    JennysMom said:

    I always knew you were destined for stardom! Congratulations!

  3. 10.2.13
    Val said:

    Smiling just reading this. It is your season..

  4. 10.2.13

    I’m missed it but congrats!

  5. 10.3.13
    Susan said:

    I missed it, but this must have been a great day for you.

  6. 10.3.13
    Danielle said:

    So jealous of all the fun you had!

  7. 10.3.13

    CONGRATS! That sounds like SO much fun!! I think it would be neat to go to a show like that!

  8. 10.3.13

    looks like you had fun, congrats!

  9. 10.3.13
    Jenny said:

    So cool!! I’ve been featured on a few TV shows alone and with my family and it’s so much fun!! Kudos to you!!