Toys for $20 – B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set Review

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B Daman Toys are all the rage this holiday season. Check out my full review with video of the B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Toys. 

My son is getting older, and it’s getting a bit more difficult to find him holiday gifts. He either wants simpler items, like book series, or he wants the most expensive gifts available. I think we lucked out with this year’s toy selections in store and online. We had the opportunity to review one of the hottest toys on holiday lists this year: The B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set.

B-Daman Toys - Crossfire break bomber battlefield

Thanks to my son and google, I learned that B-Daman is not only a cool toy, but a television series on the CW. The B-Daman Crossfire break bomber battlefield set (that’s a mouth full!) creates a real life area for the B-Daman figures to use their power shots to play the game.

Great Toy For Tweens

It’s great gift for kids 6 and up, so my 8 year old boy had a great time trying it out. Your mission: to blast 3 red blocks into enemy territory. Your unstoppable Thunder Dracyan figure’s sturdy power shot will boom like thunder and blast your target! Each of the Wide Magazine accessories takes 10 marbles at a time, so you can do less loading and more blasting.

What I really love about the B-Daman Crossfire is it’s made for two players. This would be a great duo gift for the dynamic duo in your home (if they’re nice enough to play with each other). My son and I played with it together and created a video review. 

B Daman Toys

Now, let’s talk price. The B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set runs between 20.99 and 29.99 in most stores and on most online websites. That’s close to the high end of our “Toys for $20” gift guide, but if it’s a shared gift, it will still be under budget. 

You could even purchase a few more B-Daman figures to add to the gift and still be around budget. I do love that it’s a gift on the larger side, so it will look very presentable under the Christmas tree or next to the Menorah.

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  1. 11.8.13

    You are so right.. when they get older the cost of their toys goes up in price too. The B-Daman Crossfire break bomber battlefield set is a great price and looks like fun too. I have a Grandson that I know would like this. Thanks for the review and especially the video.

  2. 11.8.13
    Casey said:

    What a detailed video! I love how you included your son as part of the review, being that the toy was something he would enjoy. My nephew is currently in that same mode of “gift requests”; this seems like something he would really enjoy, so I’ll have to keep it in mind as I shop for him this Christmas. He is definitely the most difficult one on my list to buy for. 😉

  3. 11.8.13

    Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! My boys would spend hours on this daman crossfire game! Definitely a perfect game for my kids.

  4. 11.8.13

    I feel the same way – my oldest is nine and he’s getting harder to buy for, too. This actually looks like something he’d really like! My six year old wants to do everything his big brother does, so they could play this together!

  5. 11.8.13
    Michele said:

    That definitely looks like a toy that most boys and some girls would like. I don’t have any to buy for this year but might have considered this one if I did.

  6. 11.8.13

    My boys who are older would love this especially my 8 year old. The price isn’t too bad either. We’ve spent more on toys that don’t even last long. Thanks for the lists.

  7. 11.8.13

    My boys are totally technology, so I don’t have to worry about getting toys anymore for our holidays. But that sure doesn’t cut the costs at all (the games are ridiculously expensive too!!). You both look like you had a blast though and thats what makes it all the more awesome. I sit with them with their games and they explain to me whats going on (I have NO idea what they are talking about) but they love the interaction AND the fact I am clueless LOL -Rosey

    • 11.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Rosey, my son is technology obsessed as well, but I’m learning that we as parents need to encourage them to play with real toys again. Family game nights, and toys like these being them back to do real “kid” things again. We only do computer and video game time one day a week now, but he and his sister are free to play with real toys anytime.

      • 11.10.13

        Agreed, when it comes to family time, then that is our time for board games, movie night, etc. However when it comes to “their” choice of games, I’m more inclined to allow them to be interest driven, rather than just choosing for them. This usually involves tech, gaming, anime and anything computer tech related. In this technology-era, I’m seeing the brilliance of allowing them to expand and follow their lead.

  8. 11.8.13
    Tess said:

    My kids are getting older and it does get harder to find perfect gifts. This looks like a real fun gift.

  9. 11.8.13

    that game looks like a lot of fun! I will have to add it on my Christmas list for the boys in my family!

  10. 11.8.13

    I miss the days when my kids were little and I could fill the bottom of the tree with gifts for a couple hundred dollars!! Now they are young adults and they want things like computers!!

  11. 11.8.13

    THis would be so much fun for family game night. I am thinking we will have to get it for Christmas this year.

  12. 11.8.13

    I think I just found my nephew’s Christmas Present! Awesome! and at a great price too!

  13. 11.8.13
    Pam said:

    My kids are getting older and everything they want is expensive. I think this one would be great for the 10 year old in our family.

  14. 11.8.13

    What a cool sounding toy – I was a bit of a tom boy as a kid so I could see myself having played with it way back when 🙂 x

  15. 11.8.13
    Eric said:

    I think the B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield Set looks awesome and at an average price of around $25 its very reasonable too. This reminded me of the game Battleship but looked way more fun.

    • 11.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Eric, that’s a great comparison! It’s very much like a fast-paced battleship.

  16. 11.8.13
    Karen said:

    This does look like a fun toy for brothers to share

  17. 11.9.13

    Lovely toy and good price too great video your son looked so excited to get started lol i would love to play it myself lol.

  18. 11.9.13
    Viccy H said:

    Ooo, I have a nephew that would adore this! Thank you for the great review, and helping me with my Christmas gift list! xx

  19. 11.9.13

    Those really fling and fly. That looks like such a fun game! I might have to get this for the holidays!

  20. 11.9.13

    this game looks so fun! It is def something that my husband and I would compete in, we are both very competitive!

    • 11.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Ha! I would love to see that Teresa! You two should get it, tape your match, and upload it to YouTube lol.

  21. 11.9.13

    It definitely seems like the older they get the higher priced of their wish-list! This seems like a great gift for a boy, though! And it’s decently priced.

    • 11.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      I think so too, Courtney. For the price, you get the large battlefield and 2 figures. It’s a great deal.

  22. 11.9.13

    WOW!! an actual product that doesn’t beep, hum, or buzz? I think if I had children within the age range to use this, I would have a hard time keeping them interested in it.

    btw, it was funny watching you cringe from getting hit by the

  23. 11.9.13
    katherine said:

    Shoot, my daughter would probably love this!

    • 11.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      I feel ya, Katherine! This is definitely not just a toy for boys. It was fun.

  24. 11.9.13

    That was a cool toy and a great priced! My 6 year old and I watched the video and she wants one for herself.

  25. 11.9.13

    My kids are all grown but i could see myself and husband playing this. Don’t laugh, not all the time but as something fun to do once in a while. haha Crazy I know but you have to stay young somehow.

  26. 11.9.13
    Amanda said:

    This looks like a ton of fun and I could see it keeping my 4 & 5 year old busy! Mama likes those types of toys they can interact and entertain each other with!

  27. 11.9.13
    Lori said:

    How freaking cool! Great video and what a fun toy! I’m thinking the boys in my life just might love something like this. Santa’s on the lookout! Haha!