Christmas Gift Ideas for a Collegiate {Giveaway}

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christmas gift ideas for a collegiate

When it comes to finding christmas gift ideas for the college student in your life, it can seem like a pretty simple list. Ramen noodles, peanut butter, oh, and cash. Cash is key. Well, my sister is one of those lowly yet lively college students. As a good sister (or a sister that is super busy but doesn’t mind send foodstuffs to a broke collegiate), I’ve decided to give my sibling a small hook up for the holidays. She deserves to get something to pamper herself when she wakes up for the 8am class.

I’ve talked about how I pamper myself each morning, so I can’t wait to give my own sister a perfume of her own to use as a way to create her own morning routine. I love that I can go to my local Walmart and find celebrity fragrances for great prices. Fantasy by Britney Spears is perfect for my sister. The white chocolate orchid, lychee and jasmine scent will fit her over-the-top and bubbly personality.

christmas gift ideas for a collegiate

With her new perfume, and any scent savings purchase, there’s a free download of a personal ringtone from one of her favorite musical artists. Whether she goes with Britney, Usher, or even Mariah, she’ll have a celebrity alerting her every time she gets a call from home.

It seems like the holiday season pops up so quickly each year. This year, let’s focus on giving our family members, especially those that are starting a new venture in their life, the best gift we can to pamper and treat themselves.

Would you like to cross an item off of your christmas gift ideas list and win a present? Well, here’s your chance! We’re giving away one perfume gift set for the trendsetter on your list right now. It’s easy: visit, choose a scent for the collegiate in your life, and enter via the rafflecopter below. That’s it! this giveaway is open to all U.S. residents and the winner will be notified via email and the 4 Hats and Frugal Facebook page on November 12th, 2013. Good Luck!
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  1. 11.5.13
    ellen casper said:

    Fantasy by Brittany Spears

  2. 11.5.13
    latanya said:

    Fantasy by Britney

  3. 11.5.13
    stephanie said:

    Fantasy by Britney

  4. 11.5.13
    Angela Y said:

    I would like to give Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

  5. 11.5.13
    brittany said:

    I would get Fantasy for my sister!

  6. 11.6.13
    Raijean said:

    Perfect idea! I did the same thing! I gave it to my sister who is in college.

  7. 11.6.13
    Stacy said:

    Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift!

  8. 11.7.13
    Jahaila said:

    Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

  9. 11.7.13
    Jahaila said:

    Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey.

  10. 11.7.13
    Kara S said:

    My daughter would love the Fantasy by Brittney

  11. 11.7.13

    I used to have a crush on a boy that wore Curve…so definitely not that LOL
    I’ll say Britney’s!

  12. 11.8.13
    Kayla said:

    I’d love to give Fantasy by Britney Spears.

  13. 11.10.13
    Amy Orvin said:

    I’d like to give my mom Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift! Thank you!!!

  14. 11.10.13

    I have 2 girls in college and had to laugh at the Ramen noodles. My Granddaughters are sick of them. I think either one of them would like Fantasy.

  15. 11.10.13
    Karen said:

    I think I would like to give Britney Spears Fantasy Twist Eau de Parfum Spray

  16. 11.10.13

    I would like this one (I would so give it to my daughter!)

  17. 11.10.13

    You know, I haven’t worn perfume in years, but I always like to smell it when I am out in the stores. My mother wears perfume all the time, so I wonder if she would like one of these fragrances?

  18. 11.10.13

    I’m a big perfume fan so I love any gift that includes perfume. I’ve heard great things about the Britney Spears perfumes so I would love to try that one.

  19. 11.10.13

    I love Ed Hardy Perfumes! I would love to win this! I can always use more perfume!

  20. 11.10.13
    Annie Mai said:

    I am so not a fan of perfumes, but I do love the fruity smelling sprays 🙂

  21. 11.10.13
    Rachee said:

    I love your hook-up for the college students! My niece and her friend are away at college although they have declared themselves sick of Ramen. I like light vanilla scents but my kid would LOVE Britney. She’s a fan.

  22. 11.10.13

    I’ve never smelled the Ed Hardy perfume, but I think i’d go with the Britney Spears Fantasy scent!

  23. 11.10.13
    Pam said:

    Yes I have learned from experience that college students like cash. 🙂 But perfume is a good choice as well!

  24. 11.10.13
    Pam said:

    I would love to try the White Diamonds. Or gift it to a friend.

  25. 11.11.13
    katherine said:

    Oh I love getting perfumes!

  26. 11.11.13
    Viccy H said:

    I adore perfumes! My current favourite is the Black Star by Avril Lavingne. Always a nice treat at Christmas from hubby x

  27. 11.11.13

    I love perfume and I can’t leave the home without it. I love Chanel No.5 which is my go to fragrance. Apparently its now my teenage daughter’s as well since she hijacks it at times. 🙂

  28. 11.11.13
    Lori said:

    What a fun giveaway! I love Black Star by Avril. I love Avril so it makes scents… LOL!

  29. 11.11.13

    My allergies are so severe I don’t wear perfume and try to stay away from those who do. I get really sick. Shame too because I used to wear it everyday. I’m sure your sister will love her gift.

  30. 11.11.13

    There was one put out by Mary Kay several years ago that I loved but here lately I dont wear any.

  31. 11.11.13

    I think my daughter would want the ramen noodles too, but I would choose Fantasy.