Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset

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When my little girl finally started to become a Disney fanatic like her mom, I was stoked. She’s now a rough and tumble proud princess and loves all things Disney-related. We were given a Just Play Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset
to review and have fun with, and I can safely say that my 3 year old girl has enjoyed it.

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset

Doc McStuffins is a show on Disney Jr., Doc, a young girl with a magical stethoscope, fixes toys while teaching young kids how to care for their belongings and be kind to others. My little girl loves that not only does Doc look like her, but she’s a caretaker. It’s exciting to catch her playing with her own stuffed animals and treating them like patients rather than babies.

The Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset includes:

  • Lambie or Stuffy figure
  • Light and sound thermometer
  • Color change cast
  • Cloth
  • Bandage cuff for your little Doc and their figure
  • Play bottle
  • Bandage Box
  • 3 bandage sticker sheets
  • Knee hammer
  • Play scissors

The best part of it all? The price. The Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset is only 15.99, which places it in our Toys for $20 gift guide this year. I love that you can give this as one gift for your preschooler, or add it to a bigger Doc McStuffins toy, like the

Just Play Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center Playset. The Duchess and I did a video review of the playset as well. Check it out:

Doc McStuffins Make Me Better Playset isn’t just for girls! If you have a boy in your home who loves Doc, you can give him the a href=”″> Stuffy Playset as a gift. It really is a holiday gift for all.

Have you found any toys or cool gifts for under or around $20? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 11.27.13

    That play set is too cute. My six year old loves the Doc, and I bet this would be a cute gift idea!

  2. 11.27.13
    Wendi Watson said:

    I’m new to finding out about Doc I have boys so I just don’t know about girly items my daughter is 19 so her taste is more expensive but this is a cute item and I see why it’s popular!

  3. 11.27.13
    Michele said:

    I have no children and all my friends kids are grown–this does look like an affordable gift that will give hours of fun!

  4. 11.27.13

    Oh those little Doc Mcstuffins playsets are so cute! My daughter would absolutely adore them!

  5. 11.27.13

    Doc Mcstuffins is such a cute name!

  6. 11.27.13

    Doc McStuffins playsets are so adorable. The Lambie set would make a great gift for my niece. Seeing how I am a nurse I am kind of fond of Doc McStuffins, great role model for the little ones.

  7. 11.27.13
    Pam said:

    I know someone who would love to have this!

  8. 11.27.13
    katherine said:

    CAn you believe I have never seen this show? How cute is the doll though!

  9. 11.27.13

    My son loves this show, not sure if he would consider the toy a girl toy or not – we are at that stage where the line is cut and dry on boys and girls toys.

  10. 11.28.13
    Pam said:

    This is really a cute toy and so reasonably priced. I have a little niece who would love this. Your video was great and really gave me an idea of what the product is like. Your little one is so adorable too!

  11. 11.28.13

    This playset is wonderful because it motivates little girls to want to be doctors in the future. It’s so important that we encourage our girls to pursue careers in the sciences.

  12. 11.28.13

    That playset is really good we have a few Doc-Mcstuffins sets here not seen this one yet though.

  13. 11.28.13

    I love the Doc Mcstuffins playsets. There’s so much to do and learn with the playsets. Great gift idea for kids.

  14. 11.28.13

    That playset is WAY to cute! I think I may need to add it to a little girls wishlist! 😀

  15. 11.28.13

    I had never heard of Doc McStuffin before, but then again I have no little ones around anymore. I love the idea of a show to teach kids how to take care of their belongings!

  16. 11.28.13
    amanda said:

    this looks very cute – overall the show seems pretty good for kids. no violence, etc

  17. 11.28.13

    That playset is adorable. If my girls were a little younger I am sure they would have loved it.

  18. 11.28.13

    My toddler is getting into the Doc McStuffins stuff as well. She loves the show and if we go into a store and she sees them, she wants them. 🙂

  19. 11.28.13

    Both of my children would love this play set! They watch Doc every morning and try to fix their unbroken toys all the time! I love it! She teaches such great lessons!

  20. 11.28.13

    There’s something about doctoring patients that kids absolutely do adore and with that price point, it’s a definite gift idea!

  21. 11.28.13
    Robyn said:

    The Doc Mcstuffins toys are too cute. My daughter loves them.