11 Awesome Things to Buy in November

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things to buy in November

November is a great time to stock up on certain items and get a head start on holiday shopping without breaking the bank. Here are a few things to buy in November:

Linens and Bedding

We tend to see a surge in linen and bedding sales around the fall, due to back to college sales. Once those sales are done, the surplus is put on clearance in October and November. It is a misnomer that those “New Year White Sales” are the best time to buy linens. The time is now.

TIP: This would be a great time to buy up new linens for holiday gifts for newlyweds, college students, or any family members that may have renovated recently.

Halloween Decor

This one is a given. The beginning of November is the perfect time to stock up on any Halloween decorations you wanted during the season, but couldn’t afford. Pay attention to napkins, cups, and plastic items that might be orange or black. They can easily be used for your Thanksgiving festivities later in the month.

things to buy in november

Halloween Costumes

Discounted costumes can be used as play clothes for any kids in your life, so why not get them for cheap? Over the years, I’ve also grabbed adult-sized Halloween costumes at deep discounts for costume parties throughout the year, and even for our Disney vacations.

TIP: If you have a child who loves a certain character, buy them the costume and give it as a holiday gift. Our little girl loves Cinderella, so she’s getting the dress and “glass slippers” pictured above.

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Baking items

Use this time to grab any items that you use to bake during fall and winter. Flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and cream cheese will be on sale throughout the month of November and even the first few weeks of December. If you are a gluten-free family, keep your eye out for GF baking items as well. ALL baking items will be on some type of sale this month, so stock up!

TIP: Flour and sugar can be refrigerated for at least 2 months, and frozen for at least 6. Place the whole flour or sugar bag in a large freezer bag before freezing.

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Shoe sales and clearances will be on the rise this month. Be sure to stop by great online shoe stores, like Zappos.com, and check out their clearance section for great deals. Most brick-and-mortar and online stores will not only have great sales this month but will include clearance items in those sales. That will double your savings immediately.

TIP: For even more savings, check out websites for offline stores, like Target. They may have store coupons you can use on top of sale prices.

Photo books

This is THE BEST time of the year to get those photo books done. Shutterfly, Tiny Prints, and other online photo stores will be offering you oodles of codes to get free shipping and deep percents off of your orders. Also, keep a look out for photo book sales at your local drugstores. All of these establishments want you to get in your holiday photo book orders now so that they will be delivered just in time for gift-giving.

TIP: Use these photo books to make a “yearbook” of all the great things you and your family experienced this year. Give them to family members as a coffee table book.

black tie wedding, how to dress for black tie event

Formal Dresses

Prom is long gone, wedding season is winding down, and most schools have already had their homecoming. If you have a big event coming up and need a formal dress, now is the time to start bargain-hunting.

TIP: Use these sales to get outfits for those upcoming Holiday parties. You’ll get them for a deep discount and you can rotate them throughout the season.

Grill and Grilling Accessories

This may seem like another Black Friday staple, but surprisingly grills are on sale most of November. Pay close attention to deals on Blackstones and the Big Green Eggs, as those are usually only on sale this time of year and are extended through most of November.

Food Containers

With all of the cooking we do in November and December, it only makes sense that all kinds of storage containers would be on sale this month. Before buying, take inventory of what you already have, and if your plastic containers look old or stained.

This is also a great time to upgrade to glass containers if you haven’t yet. Glass container sets will be on sale most of this month, and then again in January.

Turkey and turkey breasts

This is my absolute favorite thing to stock up on in November. It seems that every store in my area is offering great discounts on whole turkeys and turkey breasts. I make room in our tiny freezer to fit at least one turkey or turkey breast.

TIP: If you can’t make room for a whole bird or breast, buy the turkey, cook it immediately, then place the cooked meat in freezer bags for future meals.

We use turkey for lots of recipes, including Easy Turkey Tetrazzini.


With Black Friday on its way, November is a great time to look for sales on any electronics you’ve been eyeing this past year. You will see some amazing sales on not only new electronics but items that may be 6 months to a year old.

TIP: Be sure to look up reviews of the electronics you want to purchase. No matter how cheap it may be, you want to make sure it’s user-friendly and won’t die on you prematurely.

That’s my short list of things to buy in November. Do you have any must-buy items to add to the list? Feel free to post them below.

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  1. 11.5.13

    Your Daughter is going to love her gift of the Cinderella and the glass slippers. What a very thoughtful gift and one you know she will love. All great tips by the way.

  2. 11.5.13

    Wow those are some great tips. I never thought of buy Halloween costumes and decor in November. I might have to start looking now for next year. 🙂

  3. 11.5.13

    I always look at clearance items for the next yr decor!

  4. 11.5.13

    Wow, I knew about a few of these, but not all of them! This is fantastic to know! I am definitely going to go check out for shoes, as my son has just about worn out his school shoes…already.

  5. 11.5.13

    Awesome list. I bought a whole bunch of Halloween stuff at Target the day after Halloween. Hey, you can’t beat half price.

  6. 11.5.13
    Susan said:

    the costumes are a great idea~ What a money saver, thanks!

  7. 11.5.13
    Janel said:

    This is so helpful! Great tip on the bedding!

  8. 11.5.13

    I love this post! we just missed the Halloween Costumes, they ran out fast but am looking forward to stocking up on some baking supplies for the holidays!

  9. 11.5.13

    Linens and bedding is what I need!

  10. 11.5.13

    I never thought about giving my daughter a clearanced Halloween Costume as a gift! This is brilliant! I’m going to head out to Target and hope to find a deal!

  11. 11.5.13
    LisaLisa said:

    Great post and tips! I so need to get more linen for my bed.

  12. 11.5.13
    Michele said:

    Hum–need some new sheets and definitely need boots! Guess I better start looking now while the sales are on!!

  13. 11.5.13

    I love the idea of making a year book out of a photo book in November what a great way to remember your year – I will have to start doing that thank you!! x

  14. 11.5.13

    Great list i agree with them i normally look for alot of halloween and christmas things after the time has finished as they are so much cheaper and i love the January sales 🙂

  15. 11.5.13
    Theresa said:

    We definitely try to stock up when these thing go on sale! Especially the Halloween stuff. We have a party every year, and getting it 1/2 price the day after, then saving until the following year, saves us a ton of money at each party!

  16. 11.5.13
    Rosey said:

    The costume idea is such a good one. I got a Batman clearanced out last year right after Halloween and gave it to my son for Christmas. I almost didn’t…but it turned out to be SUCH a hit, that I’m glad I did. 🙂

  17. 11.5.13
    Pam said:

    Thanks so much for providing this list. This is always my stock up time for baking supplies.

  18. 11.5.13

    That is a great list of tips. I never knew that about flour and sugar, this is the perfect time to stock up on things.

  19. 11.5.13

    I am not looking forward to Black Friday this year. It seems like everyone is already going nuts! lol I will have to look into buying some of the other stuff (like Halloween stuff) so thank you for sharing!

  20. 11.5.13

    Helpful tips! I just bought something liked the Halloween clothing and accessories, they were on sale!

  21. 11.5.13

    I love stocking up on discounted Halloween decorations ready for next year. Such great bargains to be had on Nov 1st!

  22. 11.5.13
    Karen said:

    I love stocking up on turkeys this month, a lot stores offer a buy x amount get a free turkey

  23. 11.5.13

    I never would have thought of sheets in November. I always think of January for those. Thank you!

  24. 11.5.13
    Eric said:

    Those are some good tips. I can relate to buying the linens as its cooler, the photo album for the holidays, and the electronics as gifts. Nice post!

  25. 11.5.13
    Cynthia L said:

    What great buys! I am glad you shared this list. I think I will keep it in the back of my mind and get some early Christmas shopping done.

  26. 11.6.13
    katherine said:

    Great tips. We don’t do halloween but this is a good list.

  27. 11.6.13
    Annie Mai said:

    For a new homeowner, I can never have too many linens! Guess I know what to go shopping for now 😉

  28. 11.6.13

    Definitely a great list. Books are my top priority so far, so I’d say buy a book.

  29. 11.6.13
    amanda said:

    i agree – tons of things to get discounts on – so if you need it buy it when you can get a deal. i also try to buy local or from small businesses when possible.

  30. 11.6.13
    Amanda said:

    My daughter would be so excited for the dress and slippers, she loves Cinderella also. I love to shop clearance sales too and put up for next year.

  31. 11.6.13

    This is a great list and I agree with you on Halloween stuff. I always buy the decor after Halloween is done. Why not save 50%.

  32. 11.6.13

    Great list! I need these kind of cheat sheets, I never know the best time to get ANYTHING!

  33. 11.6.13

    SO smart! I always say I am going to plan ahead and shop for next year, but I never do.