Toys for $20 – Tinkertoy review {Holiday Gift Guide}

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4 Hats and Frugal, Holiday gift guideThis year, 4 Hats and Frugal will be doing our very own Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve listed a few of our favorite things over the past few years, but we’ve never actually had a guide for our readers. We’ll be focusing on items for the whole family, but mostly on affordable toys and gifts for kids between the ages of 2 and 12. Our guide, just for the toys, will be called Toys for $20. We’re going to focus on toys that are under or around $20, so that you can gift items to your children without going over budget.

tinkertoy is the perfect gift for toddlers and under $20

Today, we’re starting with a review of a classic. Tinkertoy was created in 1913 and has been a holiday staple for years. We’re listing this as one of our toddler recommendations for the 2013 holiday gift guide. Tinkertoys helps toddlers with their dexterity, motor skills and problem solving. They’re able to use their imaginations to build structures only a toddler’s mind could create. In the quick video below, The Duchess and I review and play with the 100 piece set of Tinkertoys.

Now let’s talk price. For the 100 piece set of Tinkertoys that we reviewed, the current price on amazon is 26 dollars. If you are looking to stay under budget, you can buy the 65 piece set for only 16 dollars! The boxes are substantial, so once they are all wrapped up and under the tree, the kids will be so excited to see what’s inside.

The best part? You can easily stay within your budget by purchasing a Tinkertoy set, which means you’ll be free to add in other gifts for your kiddo.

Tinkertoy is a perfect gift for toddlers, and under $20 #ToysFor20

As I mentioned above, we’ll be featuring quite a few toys during the Toys for $20 series, so by the time it’s completed, you’ll have quite a list to choose from. While I love the classics, we’ll be featuring all kind of great items, so stay tuned!

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  1. 11.1.13

    I remember Tinker Toys from many years ago. Great idea to focus on toys Under or around $20.

  2. 11.1.13

    We have this set and my boys LOVE it. I like the old fashioned wooden ones better myself, but the plastic ones are easier for the kids.

  3. 11.1.13

    OH I adore those Tinkertoys! They let the kids use their imagination and yet also help a lot with developmental skills! My daughter’s therapy office uses those!

  4. 11.1.13
    Karen said:

    Such a fun little toy, I cant believe I hadnt seen these before, definitely going on the Christmas shopping list

  5. 11.1.13

    We had tinker toys when I was growing up. My brother and I spent hours and hours playing with them! I am glad they are still around!

  6. 11.1.13

    Now that sounds like an awesome toy – I cannot wait to see the rest of the things you have 🙂 x

  7. 11.1.13

    I so loved TinkerToys when I was a little girl. Yes, those and Lincoln Logs were some of my very favorites. Such fun!

  8. 11.1.13

    My kids would have a field day playing with this product for sure. Tinkertoys is not something that I have actually used before, but it definitely looks like my kids and I have been missing out!

  9. 11.1.13
    Michele said:

    I played with my TinkerToy set back when I was young-I loved it! I find it semi amusing that toys I played with are still on the market today giving children hours and hours of entertainment–does that tell us all something?

  10. 11.1.13

    What is it about tinker toys that never get old. They have been around for generations. Can not wait to see your guide!

  11. 11.1.13

    I didn’t know TinkerToys had added those pieces you used for flower petals. I do love this classic toy though. You can’t go wrong with it.

  12. 11.1.13
    Amanda said:

    I played with Tinker Toys as a child and loved them so I know my son would be so excited for his own set!

  13. 11.2.13
    Debi said:

    Tinker Toys are awesome. I love simple games like this for my kids.

  14. 11.2.13

    these look so fun and they teach kids color and shapes! I like it maybe I will add it to the list of gift for my girls 😀

  15. 11.2.13

    Those toys are the best! With so much families on budgets I love your Toys for $20 list. My toddler isn’t quite 2 yet but she may enjoy something like this. She loves to tinker. 🙂

  16. 11.2.13

    Oh my goodness, Tinker toys. I haven’t seen these since I was little! How cool they still make what I’d call a classic.

  17. 11.2.13

    We love Tinker Toys. I actually bought some last year and forgot to give them to the kids for Christmas, so they’ve been sitting in a box all year waiting for THIS Christmas so they can open them. 🙂

  18. 11.2.13

    WOW I had tinker toys when I was little and loved them!! I could play with them for hours!

  19. 11.2.13

    My boys love TinkerToys. They got this very item to try out this year in Chicago when we attended BlogHer and they loved it. It is great for being creative and using their imaginations.

  20. 11.2.13
    Casey said:

    Wow, $20? I’m pretty sure that’s how much they were when I played with them in 1995. 😉 LOL Thanks for a trip down memory lane; my husband and I are now reminiscing about our favorite childhood toys, and this post was the inspiration for it! Tinkertoys are such a timeless favorite.

  21. 11.2.13
    patricia said:

    Oh wow I remember tinkertoys. I cannot wait to see what else you will be posting.

  22. 11.2.13
    Tess said:

    Everyone grows up with tinker toys! They were so fun and my kids had fun with them too. Hope to keep the tradition going!

  23. 11.2.13

    I think Tinkertoy would be great for my toddler and the price not bad either. This holiday season I tend to save, thinking may be Tinkertoy is the right choice for us.